• Parent Petition Requesting Delay On Library Trip Ignored By Greenwich Schools, Trip To Go On As Planned

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    Parents were quite surprised about some of the books featured in the Perrot Children’s Library for Pride month, especially the book featuring graphic depictions of female anatomy and masturbation.

    So surprised that concerned parents started a petition to request that the field trip be postponed until all parents received informed consent about the graphic nature of the materials in the library.  

    The petition was signed by 25% of first grade parents at Dundee, but do you know what happened when the petition was presented to the school?  


    The school field trip will proceed as planned because a visit to the library is an “assured experience” for all Greenwich students in grades K-5.  

    Greenwich Public Schools sent a clear message that it doesn't care about what parents think, and also that it believes sexually-explicit content and transgenderism are age-appropriate topics for the district’s first graders. Just so parents know what to expect, a new crop of books went on display on Monday after all of the books that were featured in yesterday’s article were apparently checked out.

    Though, the new set of featured books isn’t much different from the original books featured on the shelves.  It includes titles like:

    Introducing Teddy:  Introduces young readers to gender identity and transitioning.

    Jack, Not Jackie:  A young girl learns her sister is now her brother; normalizes transgenderism.

    The Real Riley Mayes: A story of a 5th grader exploring gender identity after getting called a “lesbo”.

    The Rainbow Parade:  A young girl attends a Pride parade with her two moms and sees nudity, alternate gender ideologies and sexualities; illustrations feature a man in BDSM gear, a bearded man in a bra and panties, and so forth. 

    The Pronoun Book: Normalizes transgenderism; teaches about alternate identities, including non-binary, bi-gender, genderqueer, intersex and transgender.

    Rick: About an 11-year-old boy who joins a rainbow club and questions his sexuality; features a young transgender girl.

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    Perhaps one underlying reason for the long list of progressive titles found in the library is that the Board of Directors skews Democrat.

    In fact, after checking on VoterRecords.com, it was discovered that 17 Board members are registered to vote, including 9 Democrats, 6 Unaffiliated voters, 1 Independent voter and 1 board member who was registered to vote but since multiple people had the same name, it was unclear if this particular Board member was the Democrat or the Republican.

    That means, at best, there is only one registered Republican on the Library Board of Directors, or it could be zero.

    It’s not exactly balanced, nor is it reflective of the political make-up of the community at large. 

    How did that happen?  Has it always been that way?  Or is this a recent phenomenon?

    Who knows for sure, though our understanding is that not everyone who works at the library is on board with these materials either.  

    Heck, even the First Selectman himself has called out one book in particular for being “disgusting”... wonder what he thinks about the first graders being potentially exposed to similarly graphic content? And whether he will issue a statement about the matter? 


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