• Parents Say Trust In Darien Schools Undermined By Explicit Content, Want To Know How It Aligns With Educational Goals

    November 17, 2023

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    A Darien parent recently wrote an opinion piece in the CT Examiner that highlights the sexually gratuitous materials in Darien public schools. The article contains hyperlinks to book scenes currently available to all students in the DHS library depicting:

    Darien Parents said in an email, "For proponents of these types of books, the aforementioned scenes allegedly empower young learners, improve their mental health, and make them feel safer. However, no Darien official has publicly justified how these specific scenes help to achieve these ends. An educational paradigm shift seems to be occurring without regard for transparency. Group ejaculation and statutory rape tales are seemingly embraced in the name of mental health and inclusivity. While it seems absurd on its face, the "experts" apparently know something parents do not."

    Indeed, even just a few years ago, books like this would have been considered pornography. Yet they have been radically reframed, usually under the guise of inclusivity. And should anyone express reservations about these scenes being potentially inappropriate, they will be labeled as a "book banner" and accused of being part of a "fringe" group.

    But those who understand the issue know that the name-calling is an ad hominem tactic used to avoid relevant discussion and accountability by attacking the character, motive, or other attributes of the person making the argument.

    The Darien Parents are asking those concerned about the issue to consider sharing the article with the new Board of Education Chairperson, Jill McCammon, and ask for the BOE to facilitate an interactive public dialogue "during which administrators must make a case for why these books should be accessible to minors in a public school."

    The Parents want to know how sexually-explicit books end up in the library without a public conversation, especially when the books so radically deviate from what has been permissible in the past. They want to better understand how gratuitous sexual content referenced in the CT Examiner article aligns with the school's educational goals. Lastly, they want to let the BOE know that failing to confront the issue will undermine trust in Darien Schools.

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