• Parents Upset Over Dark, Anti-Police Video Shown To Guilford High School Students

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    An assignment at Guilford High School has stoked quite a bit of controversy, especially in light of last week’s attempted suicide inside the school.

    Guilford High School Assistant Principal Joel Rebhun, who includes he/him/his pronouns in his email signature, confirmed the video “Cops and Robbers” had been played for students in Arabic class.  The students were subsequently asked to write an opinion piece about the video.

    The video is described as a union of "animation and activism" in a spoken-word multimedia response to “police brutality and racial injustice”.  A "Black Trans Lives Matters" poster can be seen in the video’s landing page on Netflix, along with the solidarity “fist” symbol.

    The video leverages the tenets of critical race theory to deliver its message.

    The narrator suggests that “brown boys” are getting shot by cops instead of advancing their dreams. 

    That it's cell blocks and grave plots instead of a future for folks “like him”.  And while he’d rather be playing basketball, he’s engaged in a perpetual fight with police.  So the narrator asks permission to “f*ck the system”.

    Other dark imagery includes how unarmed kids are getting shot, how kids are getting shot even if they hold up their hands, and how the ground has chalk outlines of bodies instead of hopscotch. The video even suggests that “brown people” can’t get fair trials.

    Viewers are told that “cries of injustice are yelled into a void” and that America condones it.

    Yes, there’s that message of “systemic racism” again.  That the system is inherently stacked against the perpetually oppressed, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    That sure feels depressing and hopeless, doesn’t it?

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    It's no wonder that one student reported feeling "angry and distraught" after watching the video, especially since that student had a police officer in the family.

    Parents complained about the obscene language and the anti-white and anti-America vibes given off by the video.

    Of course, Guilford Public Schools claims that the children are not being indoctrinated with progressive ideas, but when biased videos like this are used in the classroom, it's hard to deny it.

    That is exactly why many Guilford parents said they can no longer trust that their schools are acting in good faith.


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