• Presidents And Espionage — The Claim By The Biden Regime And The Left-wing Mainstream Media That President Trump Stole Classified Documents 

    August 13, 2022

    The Biden Regime’s Effort to Charge President Donald Trump with Espionage, the Mishandling, or the Theft of Classified Documents is preposterous – it is a political hit job which is illegal, unconstitutional, and criminal at every level.

    Biden Regime And The Left-wing Mainstream Media That President Trump Stole Classified Documents 

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    Guest post by Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

    The Presidential Records Act allows and gives the authority to the President or outgoing President to Declassify any/ all documents a President takes with him when he leaves the White House. All Presidents take classified documents with them when they depart office. Also note, there is a record copy or multiple record copies of every classified document that comes into the White House and goes out of the White House. 

    Note: Obama took ‘30 million pages’ of documents out of the White House when he left in January 2017. Every Presidents take classified documents with them when they depart the White House.  There is no exception – especially for President Trump.

    The Presidential Records Act was not mentioned or referenced by the DOJ/FBI or Biden White House in any form or in the FBI Search Warrant. The fact a search warrant against a President of the United States is illegal, warrantless, and worse unconstitutional and criminal. Presidents are exempt from this sort of harassment and abuse.  Further, it is absurd that the Justice Department even consider such despicable and unconstitutional idea.  Obviously, there was no due diligence or any consideration of the law, and US Code, or even common sense.  This is purely and solely political hit job and the mainstream media and every reporter who runs with this bullshit is an accessory to unprecedented lawless and third world Marxist Communist and Fascist style Gestapo tactics and operations.

    Once again, President Trump is exempt, as are all Presidents from this type of abuse and harassment. Let me say this, I guarantee, there is an official document that Trump signed and witnessed by the National Security Advisor and the NSC Secretariat that was accomplished and recorded during the Presidential Transition period during November 2020 and January 2021 when President Trump left the White House. That documentation stated, IAW the Presidential Records Act and the authorized U.S. pertaining to the transition of President — all documents in Donald Trump’s possession upon departure are accounted for documented, recorded, and were determined to be authorized to be in President Trump’s possession.

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    It should be further noted that the office of the National Security Council (NSC) Secretariat records and documents every classified document a President ever touches, is handed to the President by another person from the specific organization and is recorded and documented as an official document, regardless of classification. Also note, every Presidential phone call with a foreign head of state, leader, military officer, etc. is automatically classified, to protect the POTUS and the foreign dignitary should there be sensitive or question or even embarrassing comments. Again, all of the documents either classified (referencing the level of classification) or unclassified are documented, copied, and recorded for the purposes of being prepared and provided to an outgoing President’s Presidential Library and identical copies to the U.S. Archives for historical posterity and historical record.

    With regard to the Warrant signed by Attorney General Garland, None of the referenced U.S. Codes, i.e., ”law,” apply to the ‘President of the United States.’

    Let me blunt, I don’t care who the President is, whether it’s Barrack Obama, Bush, etc., or Donald Trump — all Presidents, repeat, all Presidents are exempt from investigation, indictment prosecution for the improper, mishandling, classification, declassification, etc. under the Presidential Records Act, along with another relevant statutes.

    — 18 USC 2071 – concealment, removal, or mutilation of classified documents and records 

    — 18 USC 793 section of the Espionage Act

    — 18 USC 1519 – destruction, alteration, or falsification of Federal records

    Bottom line: The President of the United States has the inherent Constitutional Authority granting him the ability by law to Classify or Declassify any document(s) he wants. He can essentially wave a magic wand and declassify anything any. Only the POTUS has that authority – President Trump is totally exempt from any allegation, accusation, arrest, indictment, or prosecution as is the case in this absurd action and behavior by the Attorney General, the FBI Director, and the Biden Regime claiming the mishandling and theft of classified material, etc.  Any and everything that has transpired as it pertains to this ‘unjustified raid,’ as well as any of the prior investigations, on going coordination (to include visits to Mar-a-Largo) by the DOJ and FBI — actually should have been handled during the Presidential Transition period between November 2020 and January 2021, and not 19-months later, 88-days before the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.

    The actions that have been undertake by the Biden Regime, its White House, its DOJ, and its FBI and other agencies, are those of radical “illegitimate regimes.”  Understand this and this is ‘extremely’ important – ‘Legitimate governments do not conduct themselves in this manner.’ This is the exact behavior seen each and every time up to and during Communist Revolutions around the world.  This is the standard modus operandi, so to speak. 

    The Biden Regime is ardent hardline Marxist Communist regime is hellbent on trying to delegitimize President Trump, by any means necessary in an attempt to prevent him from running for President of the United States in 2024.  We know what this is really about and we know the motives and intent driving this abhorrent activity and behavior on the part of the FBI, DOJ and the Biden Regime.


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