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    They Don't Want the Parents to Know

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” So claimed USSR founder Vladimir Lenin. 

    While the Soviet Union has--thanks be to God--been consigned to the ash-heap of history, its after-effects, Cultural Marxism, live on here in Connecticut. 

    In the week or so since our last email alert, many bizarre things have occurred in our state. If not exactly "decades"-worth, it was still quite a lot. Here are the highlights.

    Transgender Activists Want Schools to Keep Two Sets of Students' Records 

    This story got lost in the crush of other crazy news. But when it comes to raising families in Connecticut, it is actually the most significant event of the last two weeks. 

    Transgender activists held a press conference announcing "suggestions" for Connecticut public schools "to lessen hostility" toward students who identify as something other than their biological sex. You can read the typically biased-but-anodyne article from Hearst Media here.

    Hearst, of course, did not reveal to its readers the most important part of the press conference. According to an eyewitness, "One of the reporters asked about a section on access to school records. It sent them into confusion and finally mentioned that it was aimed at parents."

    Here is that section, from one of the handouts at the press conference:

    The transgender activists want Connecticut schools to keep two sets of student records to deceive parents who may not be "gender-affirming." That is what they are trying to say here. That is what Hearst Media did not bother to report. 

    This is precisely why FIC and our coalition allies fought so hard for the Let Kids Be Kids project this past year. And why we will keep fighting...with your help. Especially now, when our Summer Matching Grant Campaign means your donations to FIC will be doubled. 

    LGBT Inanities on the March in CT

    Oh, there has been plenty of it this month. Before we get to the biggest items, let's keep something in mind. FIC was right all along.

    This is the time of year when the media either revises history or plays down the parts that are inconvenient to their narrative. One recent article, for instance, rather quickly jumps from Connecticut's 2005 civil union law to the 2008 law "codifying a state Supreme Court decision" for same-sex marriage, with nothing in-between.

    In fact, FIC stopped same-sex marriage for a decade and secured some of the strongest religious liberty protections against it in the country. This is why Connecticut is not in the history books on this issue, except in the minds of our local elites. 

    Read Peter Wolfgang's 2014 article on the real history of the marriage fight in Connecticut.

    We mention this first because the redefinition of marriage is the foundation for every insane thing our culture has dealt with since in the area of human sexuality. Things like the items below.

    In Wethersfield

    ...the town council "voted against flying a 'Thin Blue Line' police flag in honor of Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier, who was killed last week in a hit and run, opting instead to hoist a gay pride flag at half staff." We are not making that up. You can read about it here

    No reasonable person believes Wethersfield denied the pro-police flag on content-neutral grounds. Not when the Democrats "adopted a list of approved flags including the Pride flag," (according to the Courant) and not after that councilwoman made those abhorrent remarks about the police flag.

    As the Waterbury Rep-Am put it in an editorial, this "ideological discrimination" should remind Connecticut that "although the LGBT movement staked its claim on a live-and-let-live attitude when it sought power, it [afterward] has pursued cultural dominance and the marginalization of its perceived enemies." 

    See also Chris Powell's column on Wethersfield

    In Harwinton 

    ...there is this terrible story. If it is pay-walled for you non-subscribers, here is the bottom line: A biological boy (who identifies as female) was placed by DCF in a Harwinton group home for girls where, police say, he sexually assaulted one of his housemates. He was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault last June. 

    Which brings us back to Chris Powell's column on Wethersfield:

    "But the Democrats don’t seem to have given much thought to what the 'pride' flag represents or how it is construed. Many people who wave it construe it to represent the most extreme claims of transgenderism: the right of males who think themselves female to participate in female sports, to use female restrooms, and, when denied their liberty, to be confined in women’s prisons.

    "Is Wethersfield endorsing those claims by flying the 'pride' flag? What exactly does Wethersfield mean by flying it?"

    In New Canaan

    The news is not all bad. As we noted last week, FIC is no longer alone in these fights. We are more like the hub in the wheel. 

    And we stand alongside our heroes.

    Peter Wolfgang with Riley Gaines in New Canaan.

    Read about Riley Gaines in Connecticut here.

    And remember, as the hub of the wheel, FIC is a main organizing entity in gathering an army to fight these battles, many of which we have won. We can win still more, with your help. Especially if we have your help during our Summer Matching Grant Campaign.

    Abortion Madness in Connecticut, Too

    Yes, we know. The pro-life cause suffered a defeat at the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday. Connecticut's pro-abortion elites are downright giddy about it. 

    But take a closer look. Buried at the bottom of the "cheering" in this article are local pro-abortionists' lament at two big victories won by pro-lifers in Connecticut this year: The defeat of the Anti-Catholic Hospital Bill and the defeat of the Abortion/Transgender Amendment to our state constitution. 

    Take heart. We can do this. We can win...if we don't give up. 

    And if we expose the deceptions of abortion advocates

    Just today, in fact, there is a Hearst article claiming that "Since the Supreme Court began allowing states to ban abortion in 2022, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England has seen a 121 percent increase in the number of out-of-state patients travelling to receive abortions in Connecticut and Rhode Island."

    It is upon such claims that Planned Parenthood constantly tries to shake down Connecticut taxpayers for more money to feed their abortion industry.

    But check out this map from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute. The New York Times article on it is titled "171,000 Traveled for Abortions Last Year. See Where They Went."

    If it's behind a paywall, here is the bottom line: There is not a single reference to Connecticut.

    Finally, we don't want to close out the weird week that was in Connecticut without noting the bizarre antics of State Rep. Liz Linehan. 

    "CT Democratic legislator gives middle finger to Trump Tower; defends gesture as wearing ‘my heart on my sleeve’" is the headline of a front-page Courant story this week about Rep. Linehan. 

    If the article is pay-walled, and even if it's not, we recommend Chris Powell's brief take:

    "But Linehan wasn’t just wearing her heart on her sleeve. She was reveling in her hate." 

    We include Linehan's antics in the abortion section of this week's FIC email alert because Connecticut's pro-lifers are quite familiar with it. On FIC's YouTube channel, we have a video of a 2021 showdown between Linehan and Caring Families leader Jeremy Bradley over the Anti-Pregnancy Center Law. It's a doozy.

    Screenshot, X

    Watch local pro-life leader Jeremy Bradley stand up to Liz Linehan. 

    We battled many pro-abortion legislators over that bill. None of them behaved like Linehan. 

    Only FIC would connect those dots. That comes with being the hub of the wheel in a pro-life and pro-family movement that, despite it all, is growing. 

    Whether we can continue to do so depends on you. Our Summer Matching Grant Campaign has begun. Any donation between now and July 31st, up to $40,000 will be matched. 

    Can you please help us reach our goal today?

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