• Radical Left Stamford BOE Member Called "Bully" After Making Controversial Social Media Posts

    February 1, 2024

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    Stamford Board of Education member Versha Munshi-South posted and then quickly deleted a couple of controversial items on social media in the fallout after the surprising decision by the Stamford BOE to remove Columbus and Veterans Days from the school holiday calendar.

    One of the now-deleted posts includes artwork by indigenous artist Aly Adrinne that features an activist calling for "decolonizing" history, abolishing Columbus Day and ending "genocide" among other things.

    Then Munshi-South was called out for allegedly not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance by a Stamford parent, Lisa Chernak-Butler, on the Stamford Republicans Facebook page.

    In her response, rather than addressing the allegation, Munshi-South mocks Butler, saying "poor Lisa just wanted me to stand to check out my ass. I get it but she's so NOT my type."

    Screenshot, Facebook
    Screenshot, Facebook.

    Parents wonder if the snarky comment has created an ethics violation for Munshi-Smith.

    They are also concerned over the example this kind of behavior sets for students who are grappling with similar social media issues and dealing with online bullying and harassment themselves. Is this behavior in alignment with Stamford BOE policies?

    Source: Vershafor BOE on Facebook

    Of course, Munshi-South, who once complained that most of the teachers in Stamford "are white" even though most of the students are people of color, made her views on Columbus Day perfectly clear, so no one should be surprised by her vote to remove the holidays.

    On her social media account "VershaforBOE", she previously shared a link to a Harvard Graduate School of Education article entitled, "From Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day: By grappling with the question of who we celebrate, and why, history teachers can help students navigate the complexities of the past."

    Refocusing the Columbus Day holiday to center the people whose lives and cultures were irreparably damaged by colonial conquest is part of an ongoing reckoning, one in which the country is grappling with the complicated fullness of its history. 

    - Harvard Graduate School of Education article

    She's also apparently fond of promoting the Marxist doctrine of critical race theory, and even shared an article from her VershaforBOE account about how Juneteenth "highlights the necessity of critical race theory and anti-racist teaching." The same kind of teaching that has contributed to civil unrest and frequent protests on college campuses across the country after the October 7th Hamas attacks.

    Source: VershaforBOE on Facebook

    The Juneteenth article is full of misinformation, too. It promotes false narratives about January 6th being an insurrection (it was more of a "fed-surrection") and George Floyd being a martyr (he died of a drug overdose), and even promotes covid vaccination, which seems odd to find in an article about Juneteenth and critical race theory.

    The promotion of CRT, anti-racist teaching and the decolonization of America seem to be in complete alignment with views espoused by Munshi-South's employer, TNTP reimagine teaching, where she has worked as a Leadership Coach since 2016.

    The very first thing you see upon opening the TNTP's website is an article about "equity" and "education justice."

    In fact, TNTP CEO Tequilla Brownie says that, "advancing educational justice, especially in the face of adversity, is why TNTP exists. For 25 years, we have worked in hundreds of schools across nearly every state to counter the impacts of systemic racism in public education."

    Source: TNTP.org

    Another article featured by TNTP highlights a $20 million grant it received from MacKenzie Scott. The same MacKenzie Scott who invested millions to support school-based health centers in the name of "health equity".

    After gaining a better understanding of the work that Munshi-South has been doing for a living for the last 7+ years, parents are starting to wonder if she's treating Stamford Public Schools like a "pro bono project" for her employer, working behind the scenes to transform Stamford into an even more radical progressive utopia than it already is.

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    Paul A

    Let the truth be told! Wake up Greenwich and Darien school districts this is coming for you. Do not fall for it. We do know better and do not be afraid to say it.

    P B

    And another white supremacist raises the white supremacist flag on his white supremacist rag.
    When will they ever learn?

    Last edited 4 months ago by P B
    Paul A

    Keep up with the ignorant name calling. It’s all you have. You proved it by attempting the same childish behavior as in the article.

    Last edited 4 months ago by Paul A
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