• Rebstock Says Newly-Formed Group LGBTS United Backs Moms For Liberty, Parental Rights

    November 2, 2023

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    Executive Director of Media and Communications of LGBTS United Christine Rebstock testified before the Connecticut State Board of Education at the November 1st meeting.

    Rebstock read a passage from the controversial book, Gender Queer, which has been found in school and public libraries across the state even though many people feel the book is not age-appropriate for school children, including Rebstock.

    Rebstock also spoke about appearing on a Moms for Liberty panel discussion in Avon—an event which drew angry, hateful protestors from around the state who were ironically carrying signs saying that hate had no home in Avon. Rebstock was called a host of names for siding with the Moms on things like ensuring age appropriateness of content and keeping gender ideology out of schools. The people protesting the event were the ones guilty of hate that day, not Moms for Liberty.

    Trin Denise is the Founder & CEO of LGBTS United, which is a group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and TransSexuals who are opposed to trans-queer gender ideology.

    LGBTS United stands with parents and parental rights groups to call for an end to diversity, equity and inclusion ("DEI") curriculums in government public schools, as well as the sexualization and medical transition of minor-aged kids.

    In addition, LGBTS United objects to gender transition for minor-aged kids that emanates from outside the home and is done without parental knowledge and consent.

    The group is expected to make a formal launch as early as December 2023, so stay tuned.

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    Amy Williams

    The content of her/his testimony was great, but the delivery just didn’t quite make much impact…maybe its just me.

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