• Reimagining Patriotism— The Embracing Of Illegal Immigration

    February 24, 2024
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    Over 7,000,000 immigrants have illegally come into the United States since the impaired and dysfunctional Democrat President Joe Biden has taken office. The rationale for this egregious disaster is unknown as to why the President wants open borders. Our country has been forced to take in this substantial number of illegal immigrants, and the consequences have been severe.

    In addition, there has been no comment from the Biden Administration regarding approximately 300,000 unaccompanied children that have been let in at the border and then reportedly placed with American sponsors. It is important to note that many of said children come to the United States through cartels, human smugglers, and coyotes. It is a well-known disregarded fact by the Biden Administration that parents will pay these perpetually evil actors a great deal of money to bring their children to our country.

    Unfortunately, many of these children have been "lost" by our administratively incompetent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Who were the children's sponsors? Were the sponsors investigated by the Department of Health and Human Services? Are the children now being abused, sold into sex trafficking, working in slave labor conditions, being held hostage, or dead? Why is the Biden Administration hiding this information? This Administration created the issue, they need to address it. Ostensibly, it apparently is perfectly acceptable to abuse innocent children with the blessings of the Pathetic and Corrupt Biden Administration.

    Where do over 7,000,000 immigrants that have come into the United States illegally live? As we can see in wholesome, well run, and Democrat-led sanctuary cities, illegals live anywhere they can possibly fit. Illegal migrants can be housed with American Taxpayers monies in tent cities, in motels and hotels, in public schools, and in community centers in poorer neighborhoods driving out peoples of color. But cracking under the weight of their own stupidity these same wholesome, well run, caring and Democrat-led sanctuary cities are now asking for private citizens in the suburbs to sponsor and house illegal immigrants and families as their social act of patriotism.

    Further, King Ned Lamont The Unaccountable’s Connecticut is proud to host four sanctuary cities: New Haven, Hartford, New London and Windham. It is unknown how many of the current 7,000,000 immigrants can be found in these four cities and or throughout Connecticut. Apparently, there are over 113,000 undocumented immigrants in the state currently (if not more). How many more can the state hold? One wonders about the recent Connecticut uptick in crime, along with the non-stop illegal drug crisis that is crippling the country and parts of Connecticut.

    It is interesting to point out this fact: "Between October 2022 and April 2023, Customs and Border Protection seized more than 17,000 lbs. of fentanyl at the southern border. In fact, from March of 2022 to March of 2023, CBP seized enough fentanyl to kill every single American 14 times over." Fentanyl overdoses are the norm in 2024, with silence again from the Pathetic and Corrupt Biden Administration along with the complicit and inept Connecticut political establishment.

    Of course, bad policy begins with the United States Congress. In this connection, the entire Connecticut Democrat Congressional delegation approves of over 7,000,000 immigrants that have come into the United States illegally. Many may wonder how many illegals are being housed by United States Senators Blumenthal and Murphy? Many may wonder how many illegals are being housed by United States Representatives DeLauro, Hayes, Himes, Larson and Courtney? Their silence is deafening through this crisis that the Pathetic and Corrupt Biden Administration has created. Maybe Democrat Senator Murphy would not be as lonely as he is apparently if he would just house some of the illegal migrants in his home? Or maybe Democrat Representative DeLauro could be a real role model and house some illegals in her mansion-sized New Haven Sanctuary city home. I submit to the reader that these requests to our Connecticut Congressional delegation are apropos given their support and endorsement of their policies of illegal immigration.

    Connecticut in a new legislative session and the illegal immigration crisis I am sure will be talked about and debated at length by the controlling state liberal Democrat Party. Meanwhile, the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution referencing power to the state should be sending fear and chills to every poor taxpaying resident of the State of Connecticut. Given the delusional and irrational nature of the Legislature, will decisions be made by Democrat and Democrat-Lite legislators to encourage (or compel) homeowners to house illegals in their homes under a self-perpetuated “Public Health Emergency?” Of course, more money is needed to house, feed, educate, and give medical care to these people. And after all, they have to live somewhere!

    Maybe Republicans in the Connecticut Legislature could finally exhibit some much-needed courage against this onslaught and start calling out the Democrats for the nightmare they have created with the over 7,000,000 immigrants that have come into the United States illegally. Even so, I submit that every elected official of whatever persuasion should be asked repeatedly if he or she supports this new form of Patriotism in the form of voluntary or compulsory housing of illegals. For, what an absolute nightmare legal Americans must face daily with this Democrat Party manufactured crisis. And to add insult to injury, what is the actual cost to American Taxpayers with this Democrat Party manufactured crisis? How many billions of dollars must be wasted?

    Enough of this woke madness. Enough of illegal immigration. Enough of this garbage rhetoric being force fed to the American public by an incoherent Democrat Party and its enablers. Enough of the incoherent gibberish of failed socialism that the American public is supposed to embrace because of the power grab that the Democrat Party wants to make to take over our country and make it a totalitarian state. Legal immigration worked at one time in our country. But to the current insane and delusional people who rule the Democrat Party, anything legal should be shunned for their failed new country Utopia. It is time for this insanity to stop now or our country will not be a country anymore.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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