• Republican State Senator From CT Under Fire For Congratulating Democrat George Latimer On His Win

    CT State Senator Ryan Fazio.

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    A Republican State Senator from Connecticut, Ryan Fazio, is taking some heat online for congratulating George Latimer for his win against progressive squad member Jamaal "fire alarm" Bowman in yesterday's democratic primary in Westchester, NY.

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    Fazio says that Latimer has been a "good neighbor to work with" in both Greenwich and Stamford but didn't elaborate on exactly what made him "good" to work with.

    Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton-backed Latimer is excited to "work together" to defend "Democratic values from MAGA extremism" and to "defeat Trump."

    Is that anti-MAGA, anti-Trump sentiment what makes Latimer a "good neighbor" for Fazio to work with? Enquiring minds want to know where Fazio stands, especially on MAGA and Trump.

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    Coincidentally, Fazio just met Hillary Clinton's better half at a restaurant in Greenwich.

    Most Republicans we know would be asking Clinton what the hell he was doing with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein and all those young ladies who traveled the Lolita Express... not shaking the guy's hand and saying how "neat" it was to meet him.

    Screenshot, Facebook

    Meanwhile, when Fazio got called out by Linda Blais on X for congratulating Latimer, he responded "there were two options..."

    But why would a Republican need to back either one of the democrat options when he could have simply remained silent?

    Why didn't Fazio give a shout out to the Republican that Latimer will be facing off against instead?

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    This is not the first time that Fazio has been under fire for promoting what he likes to call his "bipartisanship".

    In fact, most Republicans in Greenwich still remember that flyer he sent out a couple years ago...

    Flyer sent by Ryan Fazio in 2022 election season.

    And that time he was "excited" to meet the "next president" ...

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    RINO FAZIO!!!!!!


    I thought I was a good judge of character.. but I fall for it every time!!

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