• Republicans Should Not Be Suckered By Senator Murphy’s Immigration Deal

    This Would Be Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

    Senator Chris Murphy, Public Domain.

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    For three years, President Biden and the Secretary for Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkis deliberately allowed porous borders. Thus, millions of illegal immigrants inundated the country resulting in increased crime, huge taxpayer bills and a fentanyl epidemic that has killed over 100,000 American citizens.  Senator Chris Murphy has led a team of senators to propose legislation that will “solve” the problem.

    Of course, the problem is not the illegal immigrants. The problem is that polls show the Democrats getting clobbered on this issue and their goal is to pretend they are solving the problem. Then after Murphy and Biden win reelection, the law will be ignored, and the flood of illegals will continue. Republicans are the biggest suckers on the planet if they fall for this scam.

    The liberal base of the Democrats considers the United States to be a racist, sexist colonialist country. They believe our use of fossil fuels has caused climate change and natural disasters in Third World countries. Because we are so evil, they believe citizens of other countries have the right to invade our borders and receive free housing, health care and education.

    For the past three years, the liberal base has gotten their wish. As long as the illegal immigrants were affecting the lives of the deplorables in rural Texas and Arizona, the political class didn’t care about increased crimes, drug cartels or bankrupt rural hospitals.

    But then Florida Governor Ron DeSantis broke the rules. He sent a bunch of illegal immigrants to the rich white liberal playground of Martha’s Vineyard and the excrement hit the fan. There was no attempt to find them jobs, housing or food. They were quickly escorted off the island by the National Guard – in other words – by men with guns. You don’t mess around with politically-connected rich white liberals.

    Governor Abbott of Texas followed suit, sending busloads of illegal immigrants to the Sanctuary Cities of New York City and Chicago. The mayors, both Democratic liberals, started whining with indignation. These illegals needed to be housed and fed. Furthermore, a Sanctuary City by definition does not turn over illegals who commit crimes to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to be deported. Instead, they are released back onto the street.

    Recently, a group of illegals beat a police officer (video here). They were arrested but liberal judges and prosecutors refused to set bail, so they were released. Below is a picture of one of them who must have had an issue with the concierge at the jail.

    Screenshot, Fox News.

    Liberals have been coddling illegals to the point that $53,000,000 was spent in New York City to give them taxpayer funded debit cards. While Americans must present identification to fly an airplane, liberals have made provisions for illegals to fly without photo ID.

    Murphy’s bill legalizes illegal immigration. Here are excerpts of his tweets summarizing this legislation:

    • A quicker, fairer asylum process. No more 10 yr wait. Claims processed in a non-detained, non-adversarial way in 6 months.
    • Also, no more waiting for work permits. Most asylum seekers can work immediately.
    • A brand new right to legal representation for all immigrants.
    • And...the first ever government paid-for lawyers for young unaccompanied minors. A long standing injustice righted.
    • A requirement the President to funnel asylum claims to the land ports of entry when more than 5,000 people cross a day. The border never closes, but claims must be processed at the ports.
    • You can't reduce arrivals at the border without allowing for more legal immigration. So, more visas! 50,000 extra employment and family reunification visas each year for the next 5 years.

    This legislation theoretically allows President Biden to close the border if over 5,000 illegals cross the border in one day. But let’s do some basic math here. 180 multiplied by 365 days in a year reveal we will have almost 2,000,000 more immigrants a year. And this assumes Biden will enforce this law and the liberal judges will allow it.

    Republicans should insist that Biden enforce the laws will have now and deport illegals immediately. Furthermore, Republicans should also insist that the City Councils and their mayors of New York and Chicago repeal their Sanctuary City status. After that, both sides can try to compromise.

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    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna

    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna is an ophthalmologist in private practice who ran for Congress and US Senate in Connecticut. You can subscribe to his Substack here: https://substack.com/@jfbentivegna

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