• Revisiting ERIC: Virginia Governor Youngkin Says NO But Stopped Short Of Supporting Hand-Counting Ballots

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    By Kat Stansell

    This ALL could be solved by hand-counting, watermarked paper ballots on ONE election day. But, read on…

    This morning, came the welcome news that Virginia Gov., Glenn Youngkin, vetoed the Democrats’ bill requiring VA re-join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) system.

    After last year’s string of member-state resignations from ERIC, I knew that wasn’t the end of the fraud foundry. ERIC was out of the news for a short time. Now, every spokesthug on the left is yapping about how those poor states that had resigned from ERIC were having trouble finding a replacement to keep their voter rolls “clean”. What they meant was, “we NEED your data to help steal 2024. Please come back!!"

    I really thought they might have had sufficient numbers of voters’ registrations from dozens of states over the last decade or so, to see them through the next years of attempted voter fraud.  Clearly, the massive power of the oncoming Trump Train, has the Left terrified, worried that they need more help to steal 2024.

    They have tried everything from blatant lies out of the dottering angry mouth of a career criminal-in-chief, to AI, to lawfare, to derail it. The MSM is actually beginning to turn away. Soros bought a chain of over 200 radio stations, to spread the BS. Trying to start WWIII is actually part of their tool kit as well. Phantom voters are all part of this package. The Globalists/Marxists/anti-Americans clearly need maximum fraud power.

    The Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC) has NOWHERE in its name, the word, “elections”. BTW. It is all about information and the criminal use of it. As Kris Jurski, the VP of Election Integrity for the Florida Republican Assembly says, every fraudulent ballot cast is identity theft. Law enforcement professionals agree. So to call those involved with ERIC “criminals” is on point.

    ERIC is two things. First, and most useful to the Globalists in the near term, ERIC is about massive registration and data collection. It is a veritable cauldron of phantom voters. If you ever read anything to the contrary, about how ERIC helped states to avoid fraud, just check the source. ERIC’s massive AI data base is its other value to the Left. Data has been weaponized, as we know.

    ERIC is a membership organization of states, sold to Secretaries of State as a voter roll maintenance system. The rolls of the member states were, however, BLOATED instead of maintained. Clearly, ERIC was about fraud and the phantom “voters” needed to pull off a steal.

    The ERIC system had actually NO mandate for role maintenance in the by-laws and procedures, by the time I started looking into it in 2021. Then, as ERIC drew the spotlight after the massive fraud of 2020, their online rules and regs changed several times, until maintenance was even mentioned, then became a directive. I print out important things that I find online. I have four versions of ERIC membership regs on file, documenting the change.

    The ERIC system in each state gathered voter registrations every month, as mandated. It is the states’ responsibility to input all this data, and return it to the ERIC system every few months. There is no checkbox for citizenship in most cases, as in Florida where anyone in the motor vehicle bureau is given a voter registration form. Green card holders and kids getting learners’ permits are thrown in the mix, as are anyone who visits a government health care facility. Whether or not it includes votes from the grave is impossible to tell.

    I’ve been told that the ERIC folks run their lists through the Social Security death lists. I’ve never learned if these registrations are thereby given a second life, or removed from the rolls as they should be.

    ERIC’s database is filled with duplications, and ineligible voters, from the above sources and more. These are then altered, to create the phantoms. A change of one number in an address, or zip code or a whole street name; shuffling to another county or state then back again, or registered at non-resident addresses. This is oversimplification, yes, but, it would take hours to explain it in detail. For those interested, go to Kris Jurski’s People’s Audit . Or, see the movie, “Let My People Go”.

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    The development of a vast personal data collection system like ERIC, came after George Soros focused on the office of Secretaries of State, as centers of election control in each state. Last month, my ‘stack, “SOS - Nationwide Caution Advised”, I wrote of Soros’s “firewall” (against honest election results), his “SOS Project”.

    In anticipation of Obama’s presidential run in 2008, the SOS Project, begun in 2006, and ended up funging the election of six Democrat SOS’s. After that, ERIC was designed and built with Soros money under the guise of the Pew Charitable Trust. ERIC came online in 2012. A criminal, fired from the DOJ for unethical conduct, but never punished, of course, was put in charge of ERIC. This is conservative-hater, David Becker.

    Here’s what comes of ERIC membership, which topped out at 33 states by 2023.

    Fifty percent of the 33 member states had more voters on their registration lists than they did eligible voters in the state. Those states with statistically impossible voter rolls included: AL, AK, CO, DE, FL, GA, IL, KY, MD, ME, MI, NV, RI, and WA. SC. Runners up in Bloat Contest were VT and VA, with 98.7 and 97.3 % respectively. AZ, OR and CT tried their best, but only got to 96.+% each.

    WI, notorious for the massive “over-registration” numbers reported had a woman named Megan Wolfe as its Election Chief. Megan Wolfe was, during the 2020 election cycle, the CHAIR of the ERIC board. WI’s voter rolls numbers, as listed by the USEAC for that period, above, had only 87.8% of its citizens registered to vote. Nice safe little number…. Thanks, Megan.

    MANY of the SOS’s in the member states actually extolled the “virtues” of the system at the time. Cord Byrd of FL, saying that “FL LOVED ERIC” (with 101.6% of all possible citizens of voting age registered) and would never get out of it. Pate of IA called it a “godsend”. Just weeks later, both states withdrew simultaneously, after the annual meeting of the National Assn. of Secretaries of State, in DC in March 2023. Several others including VA and TX withdrew in the following weeks. Each gave some explanation containing the sentiment that, “gee, we didn’t realize it was a crooked system.” Oh, just gag me. Love it one minute hate it the next? and I believe that this was a coordinated effort to draw the spotlight away from the ERIC organization. Now, a year later, they want it back.

    We’re just wasting time here - time that we do NOT have to waste.

    If we could get states to hand-count paper ballots, watermarked, on ONE day of voting, the ERIC phantoms would go back to their underground cellar, hopefully to shrivel and burn. There are proven methods of hand-counting, that are very inexpensive, and completely verifiable, bi-partisan, secure and efficient.

    I will tell you, up front that ANY STATE WHO REFUSES SUCH A SIMPLE AND COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO SAVING THE REPUBLIC IS COMPLICIT IN THE FRAUD. That is a bold statement, but it is past time for being delicate. What are those state officials afraid of?? We have the right to know. In 2024, the answer to that is obviously, Donald J.Trump.

    Actually, many from both sides of the aisle supported hand-counts as a solution last year. The stronger Trump becomes, however, the less I hear of that from the Left…

    Speaking of, Youngkin is pure Globalist, member of the World Economic Federation, and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is also a vest-pocket “fill-in” for top of the Republican ticket in 2024. He turned down ERIC’s return to VA for other reasons, guarantee you. Most likely, to solidify his RINO support in the Commonwealth, as he DID just lose the other house of the Assmebly to the Left in the last election. Just in case he should be called to the head of the national ticket….

    The Left will stop at nothing, always know that. If you hear of a reconsideration of ERIC membership in your state, jump all over it, and those suggesting it. This IS an election year, so it is possible they will listen.

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