• Ruling Class Greed And Thirst For Power Is The Real Reason For Trump Hatred

    Trump’s recent conviction for trying to cover up and alleged tryst with a porn star has nothing to do with rule of law.

    Ruling Class Greed and Thirst for Power is the Real Reason for Trump Hatred

Trump’s recent conviction for trying to cover up and alleged tryst with a porn star has nothing to do with rule of law.

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    Those of us in our sixties or older, grew up in an America where one man could support a family. Housing costs, health insurance, food, clothing, education costs were reasonable. Social Security and defined pension plans provided adequate retirements.

    America’s ruling class – the wealthy and those with Ivy League educations – believed in responsible stewardship. During the 1960s, the average CEO made ten times more than the average worker. But now it is four hundred times. What happened?

    Our ruling class became secular and avaricious. The Supreme Court legalized abortion usurping democratic process. While portrayed as a women’s rights issue, this benefited only upper middle class white women and women with high IQs who now could pursue the graduate degrees of highly paid professionals without the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

    Minority women and poor rural white women soon found themselves abandoned by their lovers (or sperm donors) and hopelessly dependent on government largess. Their children could not compete economically with the stable families of the white upper middle class. Many are on disability and die from suicide, violence, drug overdoses and alcoholism.

    Meanwhile, our ruling class embraced globalism – transferring the jobs of our working class overseas – enabling international corporations to make huge profits while the stock portfolios of the white upper middle class skyrocketed. The ruling class judges ignored our immigration laws and allowed millions of illegal aliens to invade our country and depress wages, further increasing corporate profits.

    Wealth became more concentrated into fewer hands and this new class of billionaires now control our political class like the puppet strings portrayed in the Godfather promo.

    Newly minted hedge funds and Wall Street brokerage firms speculated with impunity. When their investments went south, the political class bailed them out and gave the bill to the taxpayers and their grandchildren. A seething resentment developed in middle America.

    Then an unlikely champion arose and gave them a voice – a philandering billionaire with dyed blonde hair – Donald Trump. The ruling class howled with laughter until November 6, 2016, when Trump committed his first real crime and won the election. It was now the ruling class’s turn to seethe with rage.

    Then Trump committed his second crime. He highlighted ruling class incompetence and gave the country four years of peace and prosperity. But the real unforgivable crime Trump committed is he stacked the Supreme Court with judges who interpret the law rather than make it up. Subsequent decisions requiring our ruling class to receive democratic approval for legalized abortion, gun control, climate change regulations, affirmative action etc. blew their gasket.

    But the real fear of our ruling class is that if Trump is reelected, he may not bail them out if there is a credit crisis. The commercial real estate market is teetering, bundled bonds on credit card debt (where the interest rate is over 30% on individuals with low credit scores), auto loans and overvalued residential real estate could collapse at any time.

    It is like a poker game where the losers are giving the winners IOUs until one of the winners stands up and says “No more IOUs! Pay now or the game’s over!”

    Thus, Trump must be stopped at all costs. Trial balloons such as keeping him off the ballot in Colorado and Maine failed miserably when our Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that this was unconstitutional. Even the liberal judges thought this was insane.

    But lawfare against Trump is flourishing. A woman who accused him of sexual assault thirty years ago without a scintilla of evidence received a $100,000,000 thanks to a Trump-hating judge who did not allow the exculpatory evidence that the Donna Karan blouse the woman claimed to be wearing at the time of the alleged assault was not even on the market!

    Another Trump-hating judge fined him a half a billion dollars for alleged fraud in inflating real estate assets even though the banks who lent him money based on Trump’s assessments did not lose a nickel.

    But convicting Trump of 34 felonies for using financial chicanery to cover up an alleged tryst with a porn star over twenty years ago was a real coup. The presiding Judge Juan Merchan – who contributed to Biden’s campaign – now has the power to put Trump behind bars and sentencing is July 11.

    Will he do so? Who knows? But one thing is for sure. His decision will not be based on any legal reasoning. It will be based on polling data. Trump’s numbers could actually improve with imprisonment. After all, when he was just convicted, he received over $58,000,000 in spontaneous campaign contributions, shattering previous one-day records and crashing his web site.

    The last photo-op our ruling class wants disseminated is Trump in an orange jump suit smiling with his thumb up while surrounded by a half-dozen smiling Black prisoners with durags and dreadlocks with their thumbs up with the caption “The System is Rigged.”

    But if lawfare is unsuccessful, our ruling class will go to the next level. Violence. Expect the riots to start in early September and escalate in October. If this fails, expect endless ballot harvesting in the swing states until Biden pulls ahead. The same ilk of compliant judges who allowed Trump to be prosecuted will happily look the other way as statutory deadlines and signature validation requirements are ignored.

    But if this goes to the Supreme Court, all bets are off. We could end with a Constitutional crisis where Biden refuses to leave office.

    No ruling class in human history ever gave up power without fighting dirty. And America’s is no exception.

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    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna

    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna is an ophthalmologist in private practice who ran for Congress and US Senate in Connecticut. You can subscribe to his Substack here: https://substack.com/@jfbentivegna

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