• Rutgers Pushed GOP Candidates To Denounce Trump, But Will She Call On Greenwich DTC, Indivisible Candidates To Denounce BLM For Anti-Semitism?

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    Greenwich Time reporter Alma Rutgers recently issued a challenge to Greenwich GOP candidates to denounce Trump because, in her opinion, he is "toxic" in Greenwich so therefore he must be cancelled not just by Democrats (that's a given), but also by Republicans.

    So everyone better line up according to Rutgers' demands and denounce the orange man, got it?

    But now that the Black Lives Matter organization has been exposed for supporting Hamas terrorists, will she issue a similar public demand in the mainstream media to Greenwich Democrat and Greenwich Indivisible candidates to denounce and condemn Black Lives Matter?

    Furthermore, will Rutgers revise her own, closely-held personal belief that, "Greenwich Police Department and Black Lives Matter signs belong together"? Especially after BLM's on-going support of Hamas and its belief that police should be defunded?

    Brutal Terrorist Attacks Should Be Condemned.

    Yet Leaders in a number of Black Lives Matters chapters from around the country did the opposite—they praised the gruesome attacks.  Even the BLM chapter in Hartford justified the horrific attacks by saying it was like "blaming a battered woman after killing her abusive husband."

    This should probably not come as a surprise considering that the founder of Black Lives Matters, Patrice Cullors, is on video in 2015 calling for the eradication of Israel, warning that “we’re doomed” if Israel was not brought to an “end".  

    Now that BLM's anti-Semitism is on display for the world to see, isn't it time for Democrats and their friends in the media to denounce and condemn the Black Lives Matter organization?

    Even better, what about leading efforts to remove the BLM murals painted across streets, like those in Stamford and Hartford, especially now that we know they are steeped in anti-Semitism?

    Can you imagine how it feels for Jewish people to walk across a massive BLM mural, knowing that the organization believes “we’re doomed” if Israel is not brought to an “end"?

    That's not a very inclusive message, is it?

    It doesn't promote a sense of belonging, either.

    It actually sounds more like anti-Semitic hate speech.

    BLM In Greenwich.

    Greenwich Democrats, along with Indivisible, have both publicly backed and supported the Black Lives Matter organization.

    The Greenwich DTC said, "Black Lives Matter is no longer a debatable assertion, but rather an undeniable truth in everyone’s mind."

    What undeniable truth is the DTC promoting? That the BLM organization was started by trained Marxists who studied terrorists on the front lines in Palestine in 2015, and that it still backs those same terrorists after the brutal attacks on Israel? Is that the undeniable truth?

    Source: Indivisible

    Indivisible also called on members to defund the police and donate to BLM using Act Blue—the same Act Blue that is caught up in a massive money laundering scandal with political donations run through the platform.

    Source: X (formerly Twitter)

    But will Indivisible members running for RTM, including Janet Lee McMahon, Nerlyn Pierson and Sheila Phelan, along with BET candidate David Weisbrod, denounce BLM for its pro-terrorist stance?

    What about BET candidate Scott Kalb?

    He spent years at the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization that recently highlighted "the period of time when the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matters movement pushed environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues to the forefront of the global agenda." Coincidentally after Kalb left the WEF, he joined progressive think tank New America as an ESG advocate. Will he denounce BLM for its view that Israel should be brought to an "end"?

    Rep. Stephen Meskers, who is also running for Greenwich RTM, has said that Black Lives Matter is “an overwhelming call to action that we have to be conscious of.” What's the call to action with BLM now? Support terrorists? Defund the police? Exactly what calls to action does Mr. Meskers still support in the name of BLM?

    Source: Facebook

    What about Rep. Hector Arzeno, another candidate running for Greenwich RTM? Does he still think that Stamford's road is "brighter" with an anti-Semitic display painted on it?

    Source: CT State Rep. Hector Arzeno

    What about other politicians from Greenwich, including Governor Ned Lamont, U.S. Representative Jim Himes and Senator Richard Blumenthal? All frequent speakers at post-George Floyd BLM rallies. Do they still back BLM after it supported Hamas?

    Source: X (formerly Twitter)

    Lamont even wrote the phrase "Black lives matter" into Executive Order #8 on Police Use of Force and Accountability. What Black Lives Matter sentiments do you think he was trying to represent? The Defund the Police part? Or the “we’re doomed” if Israel is not brought to an “end" part?

    Source: Executive Order #8

    We won't hold our breath waiting for a response from any of the politicians we contacted regarding this matter, including Lamont, Blumenthal, Himes, Meskers and Arzeno.

    But it seems disingenuous and hypocritical to support Israel at a flag raising without denouncing Black Lives Matter for its anti-Semitism.

    Greenwich Rally to Support Israel (10/13/23)

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