• Second Step Social Emotional Learning Video Reveals How Cognitive Dissonance Training Is Used On Children

    December 19, 2023
    Source: Twitter

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    A recent post on X (Twitter) provided an interesting perspective of Second Step curriculum, a part of Social Emotional Learning being foisted upon schools in Connecticut, specifically to my town public schools in Easton, CT.

    In the past I have submitted numerous FOIA's to determine what are the Easton - Joel Barlow school districts providing to the children?

    The Curriculum Director Stephanie Pierson Ugol, when requested to provide curriculum, would, on many instances, provide scope and sequence only, leaving out much of the material. There also were years where the Curriculum Committee wasn't even legally operating, from about 2012-13, after BOE members Adam Dunsby and Veda Peskay brought Common Core to the district... but that's another story.

    Second Step has been an especially curious program, in that only very basic information had been provided. As a former school counselor, I have been extremely concerned with what actually is being taught under this program.

    While on the surface the program seems fine, when you drill down into the exercises and assignments used in the classroom, you start to realize that it's not as safe and innocent a program as it sounds.

    A video recently highlighted by James Lindsay really caught my attention.

    Lindsay is extremely concerned by what has been happening in regards to DEI in all of its insidious forms (CRT, critical social justice, etc.). He's a very talented speaker, and I consider myself fortunate to have been able to listen to his talk at the Moms For Liberty-Hartford County Symposium in October. His most recent book, The Marxification of Education: Paulo Freire 's Critical Marxism and the Theft of Education, is essential for anyone who wants to understand what's happened to education in our country.

    The X (Twitter) link revealed the cognitive dissonance training that the children are receiving.

    In the example children are shown a series of cards with a different colored shape on each card. The children are told to ignore the shape and only pay attention to its color. The "color" tells them what to think, not the shape.

    Can you see where instruction like this is headed? And how confusing it must be for the children?

    Unfortunately, that's not the only example like that included in the Second Step program.

    Another example, Lesson 17 - "Different Directions" from the "Saying It Respectfully" grade 4 curriculum, offers students a game. A deck of cards is presented. If the card contains written instructions, students are supposed to follow the instructions as written. If the card contains an arrow, students are told to automatically do the opposite of what the arrow tells them to do. So if the arrow points up, students are supposed to point down. If it points left, students are supposed to point right. It's entirely confusing, by design.

    Using cognitive dissonance to train very young children like this is both shocking and morally reprehensible.

    As if that's not bad enough, Second Step, is brought to you by the Committee For Children (CFC), which heavily embraces DEI, infuses it throughout the curricula and programs (e.g., see Second Step anti-racism resources), and believes that transformative SEL using "the equity lens" is critical to "achieving social justice."

    At Committee for Children, we believe that social-emotional learning (SEL) is fundamental to achieving social justice. We are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), to becoming an anti-racist organization, and to building a more just and peaceful world where every child can thrive. This means creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where our people, programs, and supports reflect and address the needs of educators, the diverse communities we serve, and those we hope to serve.

    - Committee for Children

    CFC received a $1 million donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2021.

    Parents and residents should push back with all of their might against this divisive ideology that harms children.

    Contact your Superintendent and Board of Education. Educate them about how these programs intentionally break the will of children. Then fight to get these programs eliminated from your district. As soon as possible!

    Or home school and avoid the hassle of public education altogether.

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    Anne Manusky

    Anne Manusky, M.Ed., a 23-year Easton resident, wife and mother, is also the President of the CT Republican Assembly Chapter of NFRA and also CT Parents Involved in Education (CTPIE is a chapter of USPIE). She ran in Easton for Board of Education in 2015 and for Selectman in 2018. She has written extensively to advocate for children's issues, especially against the current ideological trends of pressuring academics, sex transition and psychological manipulation of children.

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    M Aurelius

    If Pedophile satanist Bill Gates is promoting it,
    it is evil to the core.


    Leftists will NEVER STOP indoctrinating children.

    92% of teachers are leftist democrat bolshevik filth.

    Terminate government indoctrination centers, aka 'public education'.

    For God's sake, don't put your precious children in them.

    Paul A

    This is how our country is under attack. It’s subtle and slow to get into the heads of our younger generations. There are plenty of parents to fool that’s why this works. It needs to be refused and eliminated.

    Glen 1969Bird

    And one wonders why I sold condo CT entirely in 2022 and house in W.Mass in 2020.
    I live in freedom now in SC. Glorious. Enjoy your new mask mandates and please remember to follow the arrows in stores as it saves lives.


    Living free in SC? LOL, you are delusional.

    The Best Gregg

    The commie degenerates used to have to wait till college to subvert & debauch kids, now they are doing it in pre-K all the way through to high school. They have the pedal to the metal on their drive to destroy America from the inside.

    Jack Passageon

    Believe what you are TOLD, not what you SEE.

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