• Select Subcommittee On The Coronavirus Pandemic Releases Transcript Of Interview With NIH Director Collins

    Screenshot, NIH, Director Francis Collins.

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    There was no science or data behind the six-foot social distancing recommendation, according to the testimony of the Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH), Dr. Francis Collins.

    But unfortunately the social distancing recommendation had real life consequences that made it nearly impossible for schools nationwide to re-open due to the pressure from teachers unions to follow this unscientific, made-up guideline. In addition, businesses had to adapt at great cost or risk complete closure.

    Dr. Collins testified that lab leak theory was legit, and not a conspiracy theory.

    He was also unaware of any NIH policies that would have ensured proper oversight of foreign labs, which means that NIH "often lacks the necessary expertise to ensure U.S. taxpayer funds are spent safely."

    Dr. Collins supported all of the enforcement actions against the EcoHealth Alliance executed by the NIH, including the decision to terminate EcoHealth’s grant.

    He claimed Dr. Fauci invited him to attend the February 1, 2020, conference call that "prompted" the public narrative suppressing and vilifying the lab leak hypothesis.

    Dr. Collins' statement directly contradicts Dr. Fauci's previous statements on this matter.

    Dr. Collins reaffirmed his belief that The Great Barrington Declaration was dangerous and could result in "great harm". The Declaration rightfully challenged the scientific basis of mass lockdowns but was labeled as a “dangerous fringe theory” by the media and scientists alike.

    Yet another case of the conspiracy theorists being right.

    Read the full testimony here.

    Read the full memorandum to the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Republican Members here.

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