• Sen. Sampson Stands Alone Against Future Health Insurance Rate Hikes

    CT State Senator Rob Sampson

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    On May 2nd I was the sole Senate opponent of a sweeping 40-section Public Health bill (S.B. 1) that places special interests above consumers in the healthcare insurance marketplace, leading to higher premiums and unaffordable care.

    The majority has once again forced us to decide on a 40-section public health bill, all or nothing. Despite this fact, Democrats are taking a victory lap on a one-sided bill that will do little to help consumers. There are a lot of different players involved in healthcare, and too often people take an approach from only one of these competing perspectives. That is the case with this bill. When this happens, the concerns of the most important stakeholders are not heard: the consumers.

    Those paying the insurance premiums are the ones who will be punished. The merits of mandating additional health benefits must be measured by how much they will drive up the cost of healthcare. The problem is that we keep adding mandates without ever removing the ones that do not work for consumers. Worse, the sections of this bill that supposedly address the safety of home health aides terribly misses the mark. When pressed on the senate floor on how the measure would create safeguards, its proponent could not produce a convincing argument. The fact is that home health aides will not see significant protections. Ultimately, there will be hearings on health insurance rate increases, and the majority should take responsibility when that time comes. I encourage the public to hold them accountable.

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    Rob Sampson

    State Senator Rob Sampson represents Connecticut’s 16th State Senate District of Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Waterbury and Wolcott.

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