• Seven Connecticut School Districts Under Fire For Taking Grants From CCP-Backed Group, The Asia Society

    The Asia Society, Public Domain.

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    Parents Defending Education uncovered a shocking investment in US schools of more than $17 million by entities that are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party.

    The report identifies over 143 districts in 34 states that have (or had) affiliations with institutions linked to the Chinese Communist Party.  Even more troubling, a number of these institutions are located close to US military facilities.

    Seven school districts in Connecticut made the list:

    1. East Hartford Public Schools ($10,000)
    2. Glastonbury Public Schools ($10,000)
    3. Greenwich Public Schools ($10,000)
    4. Newtown Public Schools ($9,342)
    5. Norwalk Public Schools ($10,000)
    6. Simsbury Public Schools ($9,931)
    7. West Hartford Public Schools ($10,000)

    The Connecticut school districts received grants through The Asia Society to conduct “Chinese language teaching and learning.” 

    The Asia Society, a US-based organization, worked with Hanban, a subdivision of the Chinese Ministry of Education that operated Confucius Institutes and Classrooms until 2021, in order to tailor Chinese culture and language immersion programs for US school districts.  They also collaborated on funding Confucius programs in universities and K-12 schools.

    The Asia Society operated the Confucius Classroom Network with funding from the Chinese International Education Foundation, an organization created by Hanban. Grants from Confucius Institutes often featured perks such as all-expenses-paid teacher exchange programs, Chinese language programs and exchange programs for American students to learn in China. 

    It should come as no surprise that the Asia Society is “committed” to the critical race theory-influenced principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in “all our work and across the workplace.”  The organization details a “Global Social Justice Education Framework” for examining how "inequality and oppression are socially constructed in every level of societal organization” and so that students can learn to challenge the "systems of injustice" wherever they go.  

    It even hosted controversial founder of the debunked 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, at a 2020 event titled “Standing Against Racism During Covid, Part II” because it was alleged that "COVID-19 has thrown into stark relief the racism which plagues the United States and much of the world.”

    The Asia Society has received grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Rockefeller Foundation, Hopewell Fund (which is managed by Arabella Advisors, the group that funded Center for Tech and Civic Life / Zuckbucks), and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, among others.

    Why in the world would any of these schools think it was a good thing to let a CCP-backed organization gain access to American students and schools?  Will these schools immediately terminate any potential relationships with CCP-backed groups now that this story has come to light?  Or will they continue to take CCP-backed grants?

    P.S.  If you haven't reminded yourself of the 45 goals of communism that were read into the 1963 Congressional Record, now would be a good time for a refresher.  

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    Amy Williams

    Wonderful article! Lets hope its not too late to crush this effort!
    Just one more reason to “homeschool” your children!

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