• Someone Is Spamming CT Centinal Comments - Planting Evidence Of 'Hate'

    April 12, 2024
    Public Domain

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    The Greenwich information operations continue in a sophisticated manner.

    Multiple series of comments from serial trolls, possibly AI driven, have infested the comment section of The Connecticut Centinal in the last 24 hours.

    An example of one of the comments, posted typically in a series of 12, hence our suspicion they are AI generated, are below. This is one of the less offensive posts.

    We are attempting to stay ahead of this development and move them to spam as fast as possible.

    However, there is a darker agenda here in our opinion, in light of the recent establishment of a 'hate task force' in Greenwich.

    Is someone 'planting hate' on The Connecticut Centinal? For use in a future 'show trial' for hate?

    We did notice today one political operative in Greenwich directing readers to our comment section to 'see hate' in action.


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    Eyes Wide Open

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me. There are a handful of people in Town that I feel are capable of stooping so low. Truly narcissistic and hateful. Let’s hope you can obtain some evidence and expose these people for who they really are


    Please contact a private investigator as they can prove such things. The attorneys involved in suing me for my private speech that harmed no one used both US Mail and hired a company to do this. It came from a law office. Hope my article on the BAR Association did not entice someone to do the same to you. I have tons of screen shots from users from all over the globe.


    China’s BRI - If you own a car (which you probably won’t) it will have to be electric for the approved remote kill switch. Cars already compile driving data on your performance that insurance companies will use to raise your rates and have 16 cameras in the cars. SmartStreets positioned to keep pedestrians safe is really to implement Chinese (Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, and ZTE...Japan’s NEC) AI Surveillance cameras. All WEF globalists working toward one world everything. And on our tax dollars.

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