• SOURCES: Netanyahu Made Deal With Pfizer For Clinical Trial Without Informed Consent - Pharma Needed 'Small Country' That Was Highly Technical

    Bourla chose between Israel and Sweden...

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    Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation have informed CDM that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received an offer from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla during the Covid scare to run a clinical trial on the Israeli population without informed consent.

    Bourla reportedly needed a small country with a population between 10-15 million that was technologically advanced, and had decided to choose between Israel and Sweden.

    Netanyahu competed for the deal to make Israel the lab for Pfizer.

    CDM has reported the Israeli government knew about massive adverse side effects from the vaccine and covered it up. The Israeli population experienced repression and censorship at levels unseen before in The Jewish State.

    Those who did reveal the obscene amount of health issues were targeted for surveillance and at times, harsh consequences.

    The video below has been deleted...

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    This lie about “informed consent” relies on redefining the term to pretend that it was possible at the time of the decision to know of any downside to the medication. In the case of a new vaccine to a new virus, nothing was known.

    Israel had a choice between doing essentially nothing or trying something new. They chose the vaccine, with over 95% of citizens in agreement.

    Don’t diminish their courage by trying to invent a scandal.


    So, can you enlighten us on the process used in Israel to determine "informed consent"?

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