• State Senator Julie Kushner Sends Out Email Full Of Marxist Giveaways And Globalist Priorities

    July 10, 2022
    Screenshot Kushner website

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    State Senator Julie Kushner, who represents the Danbury area, this week sent out an email which consisted of a grab bag of free stuff, taking your guns so the government can control you and you can't defend your family and property, and ensuring Connecticut will give away abortions.

    Of course, we need a social safety net, but the emphasis on 'free stuff' at the beginning of the email was gratuitous and simply Marxist. Free healthcare and free meals are nice, but Connecticut is in major financial straits, and there was no mention of what she is going to do to rectify this issue, stop the bleeding of business and people leaving the state, and support self-starting, independent from government, self-reliant citizens who are crucial to the state's recovery during this Biden regime recession.

    In short, she is pushing the destructive, globalist agenda while pandering to low-income voters.

    Of course, the focus on 'gun control', which only ensures governments and criminals have guns at the expense of law-abiding citizens, was expected. She did not mention the Second Amendment, or how our democratic process works -- if you want to take our guns, change the Constitution in the manner long written down, not by judicial fiat.

    She also did not mention the Dobbs decision does not stop CT from allowing abortions, or any state for that matter. Abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, therefore it is a state decision. But, she knows this and continues to play on the minds of uninformed voters.

    Oh, and lastly, she highlighted the recent passage of a bill for a $14 minimum wage in CT, and promised to push for $15 in the future. Let's continue to push businesses out of the state shall we? Why not let the labor market set hourly rates, and attract entrepreneurs back to Connecticut?

    Kushner continues to be a Leninist useful idiot.

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    Kushner and everything is clear. In this tribe, the leftist views are as obvious as the seasons.

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