• Stefanowski Vows No Covid Vaccine Mandates for Schoolchildren, While Lamont Remains "Open" To "Experts"

    October 21, 2022

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    Gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski challenged Governor Ned Lamont to make a pledge to never mandate covid vaccines for school.

    Stefanowski tweeted, "If I am elected governor, the state of CT will never mandate the COVID vaccine for schoolchildren, public or private employees, or anyone else. Actual science, not political science, should inform our public health decisions. I challenge @GovNedLamont to make this same pledge."

    When asked for his response to the challenge, Governor Lamont said, “there’s a lot of anti-vaxx attitudes out there. We’ve got the signs of polio right across the border. People are getting more casual about vaccines. You know, my feeling, I want to do this on a voluntary basis. I’m urging parents, do the right thing, you know, maybe get the vaccine at the same time you get a flu shot. I’m not thinking of any new mandates."

    However, an aide from Lamont’s office (860-566-4840) assured us that the Governor is “open” to adding covid vaccines to the schedule, and that he will ultimately “do what’s best as deemed by experts” including the "virologists and immunologists” from Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (DPH).

    The aide further indicated that if the experts deem the best course of action is to mandate covid vaccines for all schoolchildren, then the Governor would follow that recommendation and mandate covid vaccines for all schoolchildren.

    If this happens, it would leave many parents in a quandary about what to do, especially if they are opposed to experimental covid vaccination.

    Connecticut doesn’t have a philosophical exemption to vaccination, legislators voted to remove the religious exemption to vaccination last year, and medical exemptions to covid vaccination are extremely difficult to obtain as doctors fear repercussions. Parents opposed to experimental covid shots would need to homeschool or move to a state without mandates to avoid covid vaccination for school.

    Attorney Lindy Urso suggested that, “the only chance we have to avoid this abomination is to regain our Religious Exemption to the school vaccine requirement.” Urso is leading the legal challenge to restore the religious exemption to vaccination in Connecticut.

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    “If you don’t think the aims are here nefarious, consider that (a) children are the group least affected by COVID; (b) children have a statistically zero percent chance of dying from this virus; (c) adolescents, particularly boys, are prone to suffer heart inflammation — myocarditis — from the vaccine; and (d) there have been no meaningful studies on the overall safety of this new technology.”

    Urso is right to be worried about myocarditis.

    According to CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), myocarditis is the most common serious injury reported in children after covid vaccination, with 1,959 recorded cases so far. Other injuries in children include severe allergic reactions (1,650), encephalitis (266), thrombocytopenia (254), Bell’s Palsy (229), appendicitis (116), Guillain-Barre (103), diabetes (91) and brain hemorrhage and/or aneurysm (44).

    Additionally, covid vaccines have killed 160 children between the ages of 6 months and 17, including two teens in Connecticut (VAERS ID 2147323 and VAERS ID 2147324).

    It’s hard to believe that Governor Lamont would ever entertain adding a vaccine that has already killed two Connecticut teens to the childhood scheduled.

    Of course, if Stefanowski wins in November and keeps his promise, then parents would not have to worry about a covid vaccine mandate.

    And if you weren’t motivated to vote in the midterms before, are you more motivated now that you know what’s at stake?


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    Love the graphic showing the cyclical logic, and Stefanowski is correct - real science, not political science should prevail, and NEVER at the cost of freedom, including medical freedom of course. Ignorance is no excuse. Even if a vaccine had a net positive effect on a population (none do, because they all lack unequivocal proof of safety and benefit outweighing potential harm), that doesn't mean it benefits the individual. It must be up to the parents to decide how to protect their children's health and themselves, not a proven-corrupt government and medical establishment. When someone asks me if I'm anti-vax, I answer I'm for freedom of choice and yeah, I'm anti-vax, why aren't you?... LOL

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