• Stop Telling Us That Greenwich Public Schools Aren't Woke

    April 30, 2024
    Screenshot, Greenwich Western Middle School.

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    The below image is very indicative of the Greenwich Public Schools and the woke agenda it represents. Several concerned parents who have children attending Western Middle School sent this to us, unhappy that this ridiculous agenda is being forced on children and parents rather than pursuing academic excellence through best practices and genuine input from them, residents and the PTA.

    Screenshot, WMS PTA Email

    The woke agenda in schools refers to the incorporation of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusivity principles into educational practices and policies. It aims to promote awareness of systemic inequalities and empower students to become agents of change in creating more equitable learning environments.

    The purpose of receiving an education is to gain the foundations of basic principles that will be needed in life. Examples include, math, reading, writing, history and critical thinking. Our children should always be encouraged to think for themselves and when appropriate, debate with others on their positions. 

    The integration of the "woke agenda" into school systems has sparked intense debates and discussions within educational circles and beyond. Defined by its emphasis on social justice, equity, and inclusivity, the woke ideology represents a significant shift in educational practices and policies. 

    Educational institutions have increasingly embraced woke ideology to address issues of discrimination, bias, and privilege within curricula, policies, and practices to foster a more socially conscious and equitable school environment.

    Schools are incorporating woke principles by diversifying course materials, teaching about social issues such as racism, sexism, and LGBTQ+ rights, and encouraging critical thinking about power structures and societal norms.

    Parents and community members have expressed concerns over the politicization of education, feeling that woke agendas may indoctrinate students with particular ideologies and neglect traditional academic subjects in favor of social justice initiatives.

    The woke agenda in schools raises concerns about potential indoctrination of students with specific ideological beliefs. It's a one-sided approach to social justice issues that may overlook diverse perspectives and discourage critical thinking. Additionally, the presence of bias in teaching materials and classroom discussions can hinder students' ability to form independent opinions.

    Parents, students and residents play a crucial role in discouraging the woke agenda in schools by staying informed about the curriculum and policies being implemented, and participating in dialogues with educators and school administrators by attending Board of Education meetings. 

    The Greenwich PTA and by extension the PTAs of other Greenwich Schools, under the guise of a support mechanism for fundraising and a communication liaison, believes it knows better and has opted for a more liberal agenda. Why? What these liberal organizations are pushing for is to turn our schools into indoctrination centers for their woke ideology. This is completely unacceptable and no parent, student or resident should accept this as the norm. It's unfair to our children who are forced to embrace this nonsense and carry it with them through life. This should make every taxpayer angry. No one signed up to have our taxes support these ideologies. 

    Additionally, it appears that Greenwich Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Toni Jones is all in on this agenda. As a matter of fact, the Greenwich PTA link is located on the official GPS website. Under the "Who We Are" section, it states "PTAC is a volunteer organization comprised of all 15 school PTAs in the Greenwich Public School system; membership includes parents, teachers and staff. The purpose of PTAC is to promote a healthy working relationship and an open line of communication between home and school." It's disingenuous to say the least.  

    The above image is a partial list of PTAC's committees. Note one of the committees is "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)" and it is seeking an additional member. Why does PTAC need such a committee? How does this promote best practices in education? Is this their idea of promoting a "healthy working relationship?" 

    By comparison, this is GPS's "Nondiscrimation and Equity Statement."

    At the very least, the Greenwich PTA, appears to be a left-leaning organization with a woke agenda. The PTA is very influential in what programs and events are funded. Principals, whether they wish to or not, must contend with these PTAs. Some have good working relationships while others find it a little more contentious. Either way, Principals can be at the PTA's mercy for receiving support for certain school operations.

    So we ask again: Why are our children being subjected to DEI, pushed by PTAC? Why is Dr. Jones okay with this? What educational value does it offer? Why can't GPS keep woke ideology out of the classroom? Why are GPS and the PTAs making it difficult for children to just be children?

    Stop politicizing our children's education!

    Make your voices heard!

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