• UPDATED: Teenage Girl Brutally Assaulted By Thugs In Byram Park In Greenwich, While Onlookers Cheered, Recorded Attack

    Video reveals a white female victim repeatedly getting pummeled by at least two black youths, while a larger group watched, yelled and recorded the vicious assault.

    Byram Park, Greenwich

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    LATEST: As of Thursday, April 11th, Greenwich Police have reported that all subjects have been identified. Two suspects have been arrested, and three more arrests are pending, according to Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo.

    UPDATE: The Centinal has obtained six additional videos of the savage assault on a teenage girl in Byram Park, Greenwich. The new videos, which are longer and higher resolution so faces can be more easily identified, appear to reveal that a number of the adolescents and young adults in the group had been drinking and were drunk at the time of the incident. The victim was seen visibly upset before the assault and well before the n-word was uttered, while arguments ensued over whether rumors were being spread about someone.

    The names of several perpetrators are included in text overlaid on one of the videos.

    Another video further includes a screenshot of a social media post that said, "bro over the n word y'all jump a girl???? she could've died and u were just standing there and filming. so f**king brutal like actually f**king disgusting i'm reporting ts shit bro y'all ghetto asf she coulda died".

    Meanwhile you can clearly see the face of one youth sporting an oversize hairdo filming right up in the victim's face right after she was mercilessly beaten to the ground, and clearly unable to stand on her own. The video is shocking to say the least.

    Greenwich Police have all of this evidence.


    A white female Greenwich High School student was brutally assaulted by at least two black youths in Byram Park in Greenwich, CT, around 8:25pm last night, April 9th.

    While Greenwich Police have not yet released details regarding the identity of the suspects or the exact nature of the altercation, the Centinal has reviewed a video of the assault (see below).

    The video starts by showing a white female getting attacked by at least two black youth, though it is unclear what prompted the initial attack. The girl is repeatedly punched, thrown down, and dragged on the ground while onlookers recorded and screamed "whoa" and "that's right".

    Then the victim appears to sit up, surrounded by a large group of people still yelling at the victim who then says something to the effect of "are you gonna hit me again n*gga" at which point someone screams "what?!" and absolute chaos ensues.

    Two people then repeatedly and violently punched the victim until she laid unconscious on the ground. The out-of-control group of youths can be heard initially egging the fight on and laughing, until someone started screaming "chill chill chill."

    After the victim was left to lie motionless on the ground, you can hear a black youth (pictured below) excitedly declaring "that bitch got knocked the f*ck out" and while others can be heard suggesting she got what she deserved for saying the "n" word.

    According to Captain John Slusarz of the Greenwich Police, officers responded to Byram Park on a report of a large group of juveniles and young adults who had gathered after hours. 

    After the group scattered, police found the victim who was subsequently transported to the hospital, where she was treated for injuries. 

    Detectives from the Community Impact Section are working to identify the suspects involved in this incident. 

    Witnesses and others with information are being asked to call Detective John King at 203-622-8052.

    This incident is currently under investigation.

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    Bronzy Rubano

    If this was swapped around and the black girl got the literal tar beaten out of her it would b national news and theybhave the balls to say we're the racists

    John Doe

    I would not be surprised if someone called you racist given you saying “tar beaten out of her” because she’s Black…

    Do your research outside of bias websites and people, you can learn a few things or maybe you don’t want to see the truth. There’s a lack of racial awareness that you, and many who’ve interacted have.

    Increasing diversity and awareness of others (such as putting people who are not often shown in the media) ≠ discrimination or racism to white folk.

    Paul A

    We have been correcting this since the Civil War. This has been done already and we are being dragged backwards as a country and it’s not because of racism it’s because of class warfare being generated by elected officials who benefit from chaos. Less government more freedoms makes America great. You obviously do not get out enough to coexist together while you follow false narratives. Get off your echo chamber and step out into life that’s not as dire as you see it. Not this crap!

    Jane Doe

    Thought you were being sarcastic with that "tar beaten out of her" comment somehow relating to her being black, because that is what some woke moron would say. But you were being serious. Wow. I guess you're one of those woke morons. Pathetic.

    E. Grogan

    So IOW, you think t his girl deserved to die?? Glad you're not my neighbor.


    Totally agree. i'm with them when they're right, but when they're wrong, I'm against them. the Ahmad Aubrey case… Those dudes rightfully went to prison. And I still think that dude that killed Trevon got away with murder. On the other hand, regardless of how George Floyd died, no huge loss there… Menace to society. I will say if she got up and called them them the N-word... she was just asking for another beat down… Can we say dumbass

    E. Grogan

    She easily could have died. You really think she deserved to die because, after being beaten, she called them a name? I would say you're an animal but animals have much better judgment.


    This is so dumb! The fact that you see this video and you can’t see that this little girl was calling the girls the N word makes you the issue in this town too… simple minded people I tell you! The word of the town is she does drugs and drinks… so maybe we should stop pointed fingers and ask who the real problem is!!! Just saying!

    Paul A

    The answer to this is not what happened. The solution is not a beat down. This is uncivil at best. Get some thick skin and turn the other cheek. Anyone standing up for this as punishment is barbaric. Open your eyes to where faith will take you while not engaging in the evil that has taken a seat in the front of life.


    Yeah and George Floyd was a martyr worthy of being


    People keep saying if it were a black girl, but black girls don't get beat up by white girls period


    Yall been doing it for hundreds of years.

    E. Grogan

    Name one instance.

    Paul A

    What country are we living in. This is a product of politicians blazing a trail with a false narrative that brings our country backward 100 years. It’s time for the rhetoric to end before it become something more. These children are being lied to and manipulated by adults and social media. Who in their right mind feels they are entitled to beat someone down. This is the victim mentality being allowed to flourish because of adults with mental illness. The punishment should be severe to end this.


    No Paul.

    You’re living in exactly the country you were meant to live in when Eisenhower sent the 82nd Air Born to march White high school kids & teachers at bayonet point into the newly racially integrated schools.

    Your country was stolen from you by communists & traitors somewhere around the 1960s. Stop believe their lies that anything they did was for your benefit.

    Crazy pants

    Physical violence is not ok- however, the girl in the video has many issues and has gotten in to several brutal fights at GHS which have also been sent around on social media. As my child says- “she loves to fight”. So be aware that there are 2 sides to every story, and this article - which has no information and essentially reports on a social media post- is creating a false narrative.

    dj t

    How does the story create a false narrative? You can literally watch the video!

    Are you actually suggesting that the victim deserved it because she is somehow morally inferior to you? That says a lot more about the kind of person YOU are than the victim.

    And who knows what personal issues the victim was dealing with? Not defending it but just because a kid is troubled doesn't mean they deserve to be beaten to within an inch of life.

    Crazy pants

    What you are missing is that you are seeing a small video clip of something YOU know nothing about. Further, this is her social group. So the notion that a bunch of thugs has attacked a white girl in Greenwich is not a correct reading of the situation.

    Paul A

    It’s a testament to the times we are in today. Get a grip on your children. No one deserves this and this is only prevalent in third world countries. The parents need to step up and get involved. Stop listening to politicians who’s are reveling in this brutalization of our children. The enemy is your politician not your peer.


    What a stupid answer. Do u notice in your dumb brain that there ate multiple people beating one person?


    I remember one election for Greenwich Mayor in the 80's where the famous saying was "isnt it great that here we are debating how to get the geese out of Bunny Park"

    Democrats and blacks destroy everything they occupy


    auto correct - ugh


    norline bequit

    she said -ah not -er

    John H

    What does that matter? Are you saying that saying a word, any word, should result in a savage beating of a a girl by two men?

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