• Tell The Department Of Education To Stop Its Radical Title IX Plan

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    The U.S. Department of Education is considering a Title IX proposal to change the definition of "sex" to include "gender identity."

    This would have a series of harmful effects: 

    1. Force women's sports to allow biological males to compete against female athletes.
    2. Worsen the sexualization of elementary school children, who would be required to attend instruction on oral-anal sex and more.
    3. Promote gender transitioning among young children, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

    The proposal would also infringe on free speech and remove due process protections for the falsely accused.

    Overall, the Title IX proposal would cause devastating harm to children, families, and eventually to society.

    Title IX is the federal law that was designed to end sex discrimination in schools. But now, Title IX is being hijacked by a radical Gender Agenda.

    The Department of Education must not move forward with its Title IX proposal. Or else face calls to abolish or overhaul the Department.

    More information: https://www.saveservices.org/2022-policy/abolish-doe/ 

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    Kendall Svengalis

    This is just the latest evidence that the Department of Education needs to be abolished. Education is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution. It is not a federal function. Yet, now, under the radical Cardona, it seeks to promote a radical sexual agenda nationally. The proposed regulations clearly violates the intent of the statute that enacted Title IX, and make a mockery of the regulatory process..

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