• TENNEY: "I’m Asking For The Resignation Of All Who Support DEI Indoctrination"

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    The following comments are adapted from a speech I gave at the Amity Board of Education on May 8th, 2023. The energy in the room was apathetic.  Some board members slouched in their chairs and would not look at those addressing the Board, while the Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Byars, also kept her head down, and then sent a text to another faculty member in the room to which they shared a good laugh.  Once I addressed their lack of discernment, I was told by the Chairman, Paul Davis, to sit down.  I refused as he violated Policy 1312 (b) sections 4 & 5 which states "no law shall ever be passed to curtail or restrain the liberty of speech."   

    Here's what I said:

    According to DSM – Diagnostic Statistical Manual – American Psychiatric Association, 80-90% of children who battle gender identity conflicts out grow them naturally without medical intervention.

    Those who have chosen to change gender identity have 19x higher rate of suicide to debunk the theory of the parent from Bethany who incorrectly spoke about this subject.

    And 41% of adults who have transformed their bodies via meds, surgeries, and the like, commit suicide.

    So my question to you is WHY would we want to set children up on this trajectory??

    I would also like these facts be put on record as well. These are facts!

    Dr. Paul McHugh, a Harvard graduate who is the Chief Psychiatrist at John Hopkins Hospital Medical School and honored for distinguished service, who is also the Professor of Psychiatry and behavioral
    sciences – shut down sex reassignment at Hopkins as he describes this as “cooperating with mental illness.”

    I have 7 areas of concern – Privacy, Safety, Equality, Liberty, Family, Bodily Integrity, and Ideology.

    For your lack of discernment, you have infringed upon and stolen our children’s right to value each of these concerns through your warped ideology that you think you know what is best.

    It’s the children who are being raised to value these 7 areas that are the true minority.

    You are the ones pushing HATE.

    All of this comes from governmental mandates, not parents. You have caused an unnecessary divide between parents because you are not willing to tell the truth about what is really behind DEI.

    I’m asking for the resignation of all who support DEI indoctrination because you don’t support children. You abuse them.

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    Michele Tenney

    Michele Tenney is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Wellness Coach with over 16 years of experience. She is a member of the Orange Board of Health and is an active member in her community. She is a wife and mother of three spectacular sons and a grandmother of 2 (+ 1 due in September)

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    Amy Williams

    I am with you!

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