• The Betrayal Of Higher Education

    December 12, 2022
    Image by Nina R

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    “For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander away to myths.”

    • 2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:5

    In my previous article, ‘A Signal Call to The Consciences of Our Nation’s Teachers – ‘Rise Up to Save Our Children,’’ I examined how our Children’s K-12 Educational system has been horribly transformed into a Woke propaganda-mill designed to produce students trained in mindless group think.  The goal of this insidious, long term cultural revolution is to create in students a desire to reject everything that the Progressive Left despises as traditionally normative, because such normative thinking negatively impacts their desire for permanent power.

    This cultural attack on our children takes many despicable forms including presenting a distorted history of the United States as an evil and negative force in the world, a mutilated view of its culture as being racist, greedy, exploitative, and aggressively imperialistic.  This attack seeks to destroy traditional religions by replacing them with an environmental form of paganism, which one might term ‘Gaia Worship.’

    Thus, the Democrat Left, which dominates the Teacher Unions and the Educational Bureaucracy, seeks to install a new ‘Unholy Trinity’ consisting of an all-powerful Government, Enviro-paganism and the Socialist ideology that proceeds from both, each playing out their roles as Big Brother, Earth Goddess and the Unholy Ghost.

    This betrayal of parental expectations through the rape of childhood innocence creates a situation where all the axiomatic presuppositions that parents have regarding the purpose and function of education are deliberately annihilated.

    That is, the parental expectation that the reason why schools exist is to teach children to think critically for themselves by learning how to read, write, understand math, express themselves clearly, have an understanding of science and computers as well as be exposed to the triumphs of civilization – especially Western Civilization - via the teaching of its heroes, history, literature and art.  However, all thesepresuppositions are instead being undermined and subverted, largely in a clandestine manner, to create generations of students who will be incapable of critical thinking and will, instead, become unthinking tools in the service of a brutal and cruel power lust designed to foster the acceptance of a permanent ruling class over them.

    However, this assault on students is only the precursor and preparation for what Progressive Academia has in store for them in university, where the poisoned fruit of their K–12 mis-education will be more fully put to work in the service of the Left.

    We are often warned by Conservatives that colleges are places where a Cultural Revolution is taking place; this view is behind the curve.  In terms of who is in control of Academia, the Revolution is over and those who launched it have won.

    What were once institutions charged with passing on the accumulated wisdom of Western Civilization have been corrupted into a sewer of cultural relativism and de-constructionist philosophy.  Everything once held in esteem is disparaged; everything once considered edifying is debased; everything once seen as aesthetically beautiful is now viewed as repellent, everything lauded as successful is seen as inegalitarian and everything once praised as heroic and liberating is demeaned as arrogant and bullying.  All cultural and religious traditions are now taught to students as being “outdated,” bigoted,” “close-minded,” “intolerant” and, of course, systemically racist

    Gone are the days when Matthew Arnold, the 19th Century British pedagogue wrote of the need to instill a canonical body of knowledge in students through higher education. He believed that in order to prepare them for the future they needed to be instructed “…to know the best that has been known and thought in the world, irrespective of practice, politics, and everything of the kind… culture is the great help out of our present difficulties; culture being a pursuit of our total perfection by means of getting to know, on all the matters which most concern us, the best which has been thought and said in the world, and, through this knowledge, turning a stream of fresh and free thought upon our stock notions and habits, which we now follow staunchly but mechanically …”.

    • Arnold, Matthew. 1869. Culture and Anarchy: An Essay in Political and Social Criticism. Oxford: Project Gutenberg.

    How far we have fallen from this lofty ideal; how mutilated and distorted a concept has been put in its place… and how damaging the result.

    University has now become a rapacious business that only serves its own institutional enrichment as it partners with the Government in the immiseration of its students though government encouraged debt.  It then propagandizes students with failed Marxist cliches, anti-scientific sex and ecological theories, and deliberately incomprehensible post-modernist “De-constructionist” philosophies that saddle students with the inability to think critically.  Such propaganda sets the stage for the blind acceptance of iron-bound ideologies and demands that all opposition be marginalized, anathematized, cancelled and squashed even to the point of violence.

    Most grotesquely, this is all done on today’s colleges in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ at the very same time both are annihilated on campus.  The world is neatly divided into the Marxist paradigm of oppressed and oppressors, of exploited and exploiters, of racists and multiculturalists.

    The Rule of Law is overridden by the Rule by Majority.  ‘Equity’ is demanded over ‘Equality’; Patriotism is replaced by self-loathing Anti-Americanism, and traditional religion is erased in favor of ecological paganism.  Everything considered by the far Leftwing professoriate as evil – capitalism, racism, sexism, patriarchy and myriad fill-in-the-blank ‘phobias’ that plague the fever swamps of progressive political imagination - are considered the result of an archaic, unfair system created by ‘dead white male slave owners’ …such as those men previously revered as America’s Founding Fathers.

    The very past itself is not only to be re-written but wiped out; no previous understanding of life or value held in the past is to be considered of any value because some of those standards may be outside the values held by Progressives in the present day… and hence a threat to the Left’s hideous vision of the future.

    History, values, traditions, heroes, myths… all must be destroyed.

    The former purpose of university was to prepare students to face the chaos of life and be able to bring order to it by asking questions, even uncomfortable questions, so that they become capable to listen to even the most uncomfortable of answers.  It is through such questioning that one finds new possibilities and new answers.  It is not in the safe, well-lit and hospitable intellectual spaces one is familiar with, that answers are found; they are more often found in the dark and foreboding places one least wants to go. But it is necessary to go there, because things that aren’t relevant to what you are seeking often remain invisible until they block the path to your goal.  It is in having the courage to face the darkest of ideas that one learns to overcome them by discovering and mastering them with better ideas.

    College should be the place where you fearlessly enter such dark places and listen to challenging and even uncomfortable thoughts, so that one can face the need to accept hard answers to hard questions.  It is in college that students must learn to steel themselves to face the real world outside campus, where the consequences of not being able to face adversity can be far more consequential, than a failed test or the snide remarks of a cynical professor.

    Students are not helped by protecting them with on-campus speech codes, ‘safe spaces’ and exposure to only that which they find inoffensive and unchallenging.  Instead, they must be asked to consider hard realities and how they should deal with them, but this can only be accomplished through critical thinking and by learning to articulate answers in clear speech and writing.

    All this is now under constant attack; those who seek to mentally enslave our children in order to turn them into unquestioning serfs laboring for the 21st Century corporatist machine, castigate the wisdom of the past and reject political, economic, social and cultural traditions that have produced the most successful society in history.  They replace critical thinking with pre-digested group-think; they mutilate language to serve political purposes, they reject reason as unfair and outdated, they abhor industrial progress as inimical to their vision of a pagan ecological utopia, and they demand acceptance of Socialist failure in the name of “equity.”

    In short, the modern university does not prepare young people to face and overcome chaos, but to embrace it.

    It does not teach values but obliterates them.  Nietzsche once spoke about a ‘transvaluation of values’; today’s Academia teaches the non-valuation of values.  However, if there are no values, there can be no place to find the positive emotional satisfaction that goes along with the ability to accept them.  The post-modernist professors found in today’s Academia oppose value systems in toto because they produce both those who can live up to them as well as those who cannot, thus creating that which post-modernism hates most: winners and losers.

    In the dystopia they espouse to naïve students, the only answer is to do away with value systems completely and thus eliminate the possibility of losing.  High-achievers are not recognized as it might hurt the feelings of non-achievers; instead, everyone gets a participation prize.  But if there are no losers, neither are there winners… and this is the goal.  A society where excelling is deemed “unfair” and even “evil” is a place where all positive individual achievement stops… as it did in the USSR, and as it does now in Communist hells around the world… and into that vacuum steps the Government as the sole representation of all values, as it directs and controls all people in the service of itself.

    Until and unless we take back Academia from the barbarians that have captured it, we will be turning over our young people to our worst enemies; enemies that hate what our ancestors have built, hate what we are trying to maintain and pass on and, worst of all, control our children, who they seek to turn into their witless drones - both denied our glorious past and barred from a bright future.

    We must not let this happen.

    We cannot let this happen.

    Our political leadership must face the fact that parents will no longer accept politicians who ignore the crisis in our schools; worse yet, parents must reject those politicians whose careers depend on the political donations of the Education Bureaucracy and whose first interest is in placating them rather than salvaging the education of our children.  Control of Academia must be returned to parents, so that students’ needs, not the bottomless greed and self-absorption of the thuggish teacher unions and the power lust of professional Educrats, are served.

    Congress must call college administrators to account for their actions by holding hearings into their practices and spending priorities.  Congress has every right to do this since it is so intimately involved not only with student loans but also with the funding it provides universities to do research and development in many areas.

    Congress must investigate the ongoing corruption involved in tuition inflation.  For the past 20 years tuition has gone up 7% a year!  Yet the vast majority of this money has not gone to better educating students but to fund a lavish expansion of campus buildings accompanied by skyrocketing employment of highly paid school administrators in relation to student population growth.  For example, the University of Michigan employs 83 full time ‘diversity officers,’ whose only purpose is to make sure that the campus lives up to the latest ‘standards’ of Woke diversity advocates.  The cost of this wretched waste of money is $11 million dollars a year which, when combined with the space, tech and support staffs these administrators require to push their paper, is more like $15 million.  Parents should reflect on how much tuition could be cut if the money lavished on this colossal waste were not thrown away on such politically-correct nonsense.

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    Congressional investigators should start with expensive, non-Ivy League colleges that are heavily dependent on government financial aid to survive.  It should question officials from such colleges about the heavy debt that they are burdening students with and what kind of degrees they are selling them that will be able to produce jobs that pay off that debt.

    Administrators need to explain why the government should subsidize anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-Religious, anti-Traditionalist colleges that promote ideas and attitudes that are inimical to the cultural values that unify us as a country.  Congress must demand an explanation as to why there is such a lack of intellectual diversity on campus and why the overwhelming number of college professors identify as Progressive Liberals, Socialists and even Marxists… and why the very few conservatives who remain are bullied into silence lest they lose their ability to get tenure or even remain employed.

    Colleges must be confronted by the possibility that the government will withhold funds that provide for their lavish salaries and expansive building programs until such one-sided, ideological indoctrination is ended.  Most importantly, colleges must reform their curricula so that students are provided with courses that will teach them a marketable skill. Students should not be cajoled by Woke academics to waste their time and money chasing politically correct degrees that are worthless to their prospects for future employment.  Most importantly, colleges must reform their curricula so that students are actually provided with courses that will teach them a marketable skill, and not simply waste their time seeking degrees that are as worthless as they are politically-correct.

    In the end, taxpaying parents should not be forced to finance academic failure and corrosive ‘social-justice’ propaganda, which makes them the target of that propaganda's hatred and wrath.

    Parents must regain control of their schools, or the schools will continue to control their children.

    Bob MacGuffie is co-author of the book ‘The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-establish Ordered Liberty,’ Seventh Crisis which examines and illuminates the historic crisis we currently endure. 



    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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    wellington ogunsanya

    Good paper, easy to read and follow. For someone familiar with global events the problem is the determination of the master tribalists yo take over. The kaballah dream must be launched. There in America, the last bastion of civilisation and Christian values system, the freemasonry have toppled everything and everybody. You can only hope that they make mistakes or God made them into city of babel.

    J Flynn

    The author of this article provides absolute clarity as to what has happened and in still occurring in the American educational system. America will indeed be a nation of “mindless drones” unless the education system is changed drastically. It appears to me this has become an extremely hot topic. There is finally some light being shone on the miscreants that are teaching our children. Not all teachers are bad. However, as the saying goes, ‘the fish stinks from the head down’. Change of leadership in school districts and local law makers is a MUST in effecting positive change! What a waste of taxpayer dollars the Department of Education is. We’d save a fortune and be much better off of it disappeared into the ash heap of history.

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