• The Connecticut Centinal - July 4th Reopening!

    July 4, 2022

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    Originally established in 1802, The Connecticut Centinal is the state’s premier investigative newspaper. Long suffering from an absence of patriotic media, Connecticut is in dire need of an organization which will confront, and highlight, corruption in the jurisdiction.

    Connecticut is an historic state with a long and honorable reputation of defending freedom. The Connecticut Centinal will follow in CDMedia’s tradition of believable and trustworthy news as we rebuild the American republic from the cradle of liberty.

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    Gregory Mendez

    I am very much looking forward to accurately reported news from Connecticut. Thank you.

    Matthew Newgent

    No surprise to see CD Media engaged in this fight to being truth back to the people of Connecticut!

    People want and need the truth, but someone always has to stand up, take the risk, and lead the charge. Way to go, CD Media!

    Stay in the fight!!!

    Rosanna M Page

    So happy to hear of your "Grand Reopening"!!! I feel like the lone conservative in this communist state. We need the scales to fall from the people who support the marxist agenda! Best of success to your publication. I know I will be supporting you 100%. Happy 4TH indeed! Thank you, Todd Wood.

    Jeanine Connelly

    I am from Middlefeild ct and in need of real press,

    David DeRousse

    Thank you for being a fair voice. These inappropriate policies in schools need to be fully exposed. Sunshine will expose the rot.

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