• The CT-4 Race Is Going To Be A Tough Fight

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    Last night, the Fairfield RTC endorsed my candidacy for the Republican nomination.  It is both a humbling experience for the trust placed in me, and gratifying after a year of relentless campaign work.  My campaign of issues-based, persistent-offense is being recognized as the best strategy for success.

    Yesterday an opinion piece was circulated that posited that only two of us three candidates will be smeared by the Democrat politico-media machine, and that this would have a down-ticket impact.  THAT is illusory thinking – the kind that leaves Connecticut Republicans 0 for 45 in its seven federal-seat elections since 2006. With Trump at the top there will be extra venom in their attacks, but we will all be branded the same. Our opponents couldn’t care any less about our positioning. They’ll mis-brand, smear, lie and deceive – flailing amidst their utter failures, they have absolutely nothing else to offer.

    In fact, Jim Himes in a 3-18-24 Campaign Update opened it with: “Do you know there are already three extreme-MAGA Republicans filed to run against me?”  “Extreme MAGA Republicans” is their radioactive label – that and everything that flows from it will be smeared on every Republican candidate, coast-to-coast. 

    That’s why we need to fight these smears, and stay on persistent-offense with our campaign. We cannot fight on a political battleground defined by the Left and the Democrats.  We cannot accept their false-premises, nor their straw-man arguments.  Operatives like Jim Himes are quite skilled at these techniques – and I’ve been taking apart and exposing his positions and public statements relentlessly for the past year. 

    It is an illusion and a delusion to think that any of us will escape the smear machine of our political opponents - they will do anything to retain power.  We need a candidate who can handle it, and effectively fire it all back at them, exposing their falsehoods, hypocrisy, and deceits for all the citizens of CT-4 to see for themselves. 

    I remain the candidate best equipped to do exactly that. 

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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