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    When the FDA fast-tracked and approved the COVID-19 booster shot for 5 to 11-year- old children followed by fast-track approval of the COVID shots for babies at 6 months to 4 years old, I began to wonder.

    I’m no doctor, but it doesn’t take one to do a little research and come to the conclusion that a disease like the version of COVID-19 prevalent at the time, which posed a minuscule threat to healthy children, and far less danger to children than the regular flu, did not warrant imposing widespread vaccination on children. Considering this brand new vaccine has no long-term studies against harm, questionable effectiveness as seen with adults, and plenty of red flags regarding a long list of actual and potential serious adverse effects, I’ve been wondering, what was the big hurry?

    An article by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, an accomplished neurosurgeon, titled, “COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?” gave a clear rundown. He said, “The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.”

    Dr. Blaylock detailed the unprecedented government takeover of determining medical treatments for individuals, all done by people like Dr. Fauci and other bureaucrats who have not treated a single COVID-19 patient. And to make things worse, any doctors who disagreed with the government dogma, and there are tens of thousands of them, have been systematically attacked, blackballed, maligned, fired, and
    demonized by the media, despite their impeccable credentials in fields like virology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and pulmonary critical care. To punctuate the abuse, many of those doctors have successfully treated thousands of COVID-19 patients to good outcomes. They have seen the results with their own eyes. Yet, these reputable doctors have been accused of speaking misinformation and spreading dangerous lies. Those are two of the favorite labels used by oppressive governments to silence their critics, of which there are always plenty.

    The attacks on these doctors have taken the form of shaming, false accusations, character assassination, loss of hospital privileges, revocation of medical licenses and even arrest. According to Dr. Blaylock, “A good example of this outrage against freedom of speech and providing informed consent information is the suspension by the medical board in Maine of Dr. Meryl Nass’ medical license and the ordering of her to undergo psychiatric evaluation for daring to prescribe Ivermectin and sharing her expertise in this field. I know Dr. Nass personally and can vouch for her integrity, brilliance and dedication to truth. Her scientific credentials are impeccable. This behavior by a medical licensing board is reminiscent of the methodology of the Soviet KGB during the period when dissidents were incarcerated in psychiatric gulags to silence their dissent.”

    That would be ivermectin, a fully documented and safe treatment taken by millions of people for decades. It is on the WHO list of essential medications.

    Despite a number of countries refusing or suspending vaccines for minors, the US medical establishment has continued the push to vaccinate everyone, including children. Under the circumstances, one must look for a hidden agenda.

    The extreme treatment of Dr. Nass is the buried lede. There has already been a severe crackdown on dissent in America that continues nearly unabated in the mainstream media and from our own government. The next thing to watch for is the use of psychiatry and its ugly stepsister psychology to label dissent and dissenters with mental illness. This repressive practice has been done by EVERY tyrannical government in the last century.

    The other target of tyranny is always the children. There has been much talk about the psychological trauma caused to children by various aspects of the pandemic. The stunted social development and delay in academic progress has been documented, not to mention vaccine injuries showing up. There will be more going forward. One could argue whether more trauma was caused by COVID-19 itself, or by the enforced masking and lockdowns in response and the rampant media fear-mongering. For most children, the vaccines have no rational justification. One thing I can guarantee is that the psychiatric and pharmaceutical machine will not waste the opportunity to push more drugs on our children in the false name of help. That campaign was already underway by October 2021. Medical journals have all jumped on the bandwagon to promote the increase in COVID-related anxiety and mental illness, and to recommend psych meds. New prescriptions have sky-rocketed. It turns out pandemics are good business for the mental health industry.

    Watch for it. It is coming. With both the medical establishment and the mainstream media bought and paid for by big pharma, you have no choice but to arm yourselves with knowledge and truth from trusted sources. You owe that to the kids.

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    Ed Thompson

    Ed Thompson has worked in education for over 25 years, both tutoring individuals and teaching classes. He has helped students from three to seventy-three years old, and in subjects from beginning reading all the way to MBA classes and postgraduate biology. Students ranged from severely challenged to gifted and advanced. This work has given him a unique perspective and has led to insights on what’s broken about our educational system and how we can make it better. He is the host of the Basic Education Series podcasts and author of educational books. Learn more at https://basiced.substack.com.

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