• The Dawn of Connecticut's Coming Stone Age Is Arriving

    January 20, 2024
    EV chargers in the snow; public domain.

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    Last week, we discussed the fantastic incoherent world that King Ned Lamont The Unaccountable and his Omnipotent one-party ruling Democrats have designed Connecticut to be. This week, I would like to examine the grievous realities that Connecticut Taxpayers will be subjected to with the impending Electric vehicle (EV) mandate. You may remember that I previously wrote about this mandate back on 11/25/23.

    Kindly be advised that the economically incoherent Electric vehicle (EV) mandate is to be pushed through in a special sham legislative session being called by the same Ned Lamont. The Democrat Party intends to implement the "Advanced Clean Cars II, ACC" initiative (the “Act”) in this special sham session, requiring that all light duty vehicles sold in the state be Zero emission vehicles by 2035 and that medium and heavy-duty trucks reduce their extant "emissions" by 75% by 2035 as well. Truck fleets of 50 vehicles and over will be required to report to the draconian and imperious Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (“DEEP”) for "prioritization" of these fleets to electric vehicles. The Act also will create "superior warranty provisions and protections". It still has not been explained to me as to what this particular term means, in addition as to how the Act will work and as to whom will pay for it. Further, there is no public testimony nor pushback permitted in this special sham session, so in fact, these political wonders do not care one bit about what you may think.

    Source: CT DEEP

    The Act will result in a law that will compel citizens to follow California emissions rules and regulations which effectively eliminate gas powered vehicle as we know and use them, and replace it with the unaffordable and unreliable EV that will keep most people home during a cold and long snowy Connecticut winter. Please keep in mind that there still has been no cost analysis to this bill, but it is well-settled by many analyses that the environmental costs and environmental impact of generating mass vehicle E-power is far worse than the supposed benefit from abstention from fossil fuels. There are questions that have yet to have been answered by the untouchable administrative state bureaucracies. For example: Who will be paying for these vehicles, extended warranties, electric charging stations (that apparently will use no fossil fuels?), or EV batteries? Who is liable for damage when there is a fire in an electric vehicle and/or when an EV is in an accident? Will drivers be tracked by the DEEP or Revenue Services as to their travel? Will car electric charges be denied to those to be socially or politically unfavorable? In addition, what are the economic costs of the massive amount of gas/diesel stations/pumps closing, the economic costs of the massive layoff of gasoline/diesel mechanics due to a lack of work, the economic costs of parts supply houses/dealers going out of business since parts for gasoline/diesel vehicles will no longer be able to be sold? These are legitimate questions that need to be asked well before this Connecticut taxpayer funded special legislative session is called upon. As is par for the Connecticut course, all that is received is deafening silence.

    Needless to say, there is the inevitable connection as to what (and how much) profit can be made by Ned Lamont's family hedge fund Oak HC/FT and the mandate for EV's in the state. The passage of this law will successfully open up yet another profit stream for Oak HC/FT along the lines of where investors immersed in the glamour of e-cars and the Lamont-connected Saudi-based Saudi Public Investment Fund, will profit once again as the Saudi involvement in E-cars has been covered in multiple recognized news outlets such as Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The Jerusalem Post. How this blatant self-dealing by the Lamont family is legal and unquestioned by elected officials of all stripes is simply, beyond belief. Further, why this issue is never questioned by anyone in the state-run media adds to the total disrespect that Lamont and his Democrat Party have for Connecticut taxpayers. As my colleague Tony De Angelo famously says on his weekly segment on the Lee Elci Show (WJJF FM 94.9), Connecticut is the Lamont Hedge Fund disguised as a state. Of course, taxpayer be damned as usual.

    In a respectful and fair world, Connecticut Taxpayers should be allowed to make their own decisions whether they wish to purchase an EV, and neither Ned Lamont, the Connecticut Democrat Party nor the failed economic state of California should be making that decision for them. The market laws of supply and demand should be at work for private transportation. Take just one look at the debacle of trying to run and charge EV's in cold weather as seen throughout our country. Better yet, picture a state like Connecticut that mandates EV's for all emergency vehicles, police cars, and food delivery trucks. Picture an ambulance on the way to an emergency call that runs out of battery power or catches fire. Picture an individual who dies because of this situation. Picture a baby that starves to death for want of baby formula. Picture a woman battered to death by her boyfriend because the police are busy charging their car battery and could not arrive on the scene in time. All of the above scenarios are brought to you in the failed vein of green energy, irrational and incoherent bureaucrats, consultants and elected officials, vapid climate change “activists” and the total disregard for common sense when it comes to this utterly ridiculous law and mandate.

    This scenario in the opinion of many is the future with the horrific and incoherent "Advanced Clean Cars II, ACC" initiative. Profits over people. Profits over human life in The Unaccountable Ned Lamont's personal hedge fund disguised as the former great state of Connecticut.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Robert A. Porrazzo

    What does the big dummy want to do...run for POTUS in 2028?!


    I thought he had abandoned that ev mandate last year. I forget where I read it but I remember the article and was surprised to see a criminal Democrat doing something sensible.

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