• The Failures Of Joe Biden And His Corrupt And Perverted Democrat Empire

    January 27, 2024

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    Leadership is the most critical tenet within any sort of organization, especially organizations calling themselves political parties. The old Jewish prophets would claim that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Old country preachers would often remark that what we see in the pulpit, we see in the pews. Many people are familiar with the term “like father, like son.” However, I submit to the reader that never in the history of American government has there been an epic failure of management, example, and leadership to the level of the corrupt and perverted Empire of the 46th President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden.

    It is my belief that the clear-headed and legitimate population of the United States of America are completely fed up with the incoherent and obnoxious administration of Democrat President Joe Biden, despite what we are led to believe by an obedient and compliant state-run media. Over time, I have had many ask me if he has been the worst President in my lifetime, a lifetime that has seen Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and Trump. Unfortunately, Joe Biden has no equal in the negative category. The destruction that Biden, his family, and his incompetent Administration have done over three years is more damage than anything I could have imagined to our country since his regime started.

    It is difficult to even begin to sort out the sheer number of failures of this Administration as there are too many to recall. The fully open borders that America must be forced to accept create no benefit for our country. Since the start of the administration in January 2021, well in excess of 6.4 million illegal immigrants have crossed our unprotected border with ease bringing no value and unascertainable dangers to our economy and society. Are the illegal immigrants all employed and self-sufficient? Are they not costing the American Taxpayer billions of dollars to house, feed, clothe and give medical care to? Are they just pawns in the never-ending Democrat Party game of elitism over our society, or a modern-day slave class imported to provide veritable slave labor for the benefit of a ruling elite.

    A bigger disaster of the corrupt and perverted Biden regime is foreign affairs. To this end, Biden-esque foreign affairs are a comical game of corruption and lies assisted by the abuses and myriad corruptions of anointed regime son Hunter Biden and company with the President’s approval. Is this an example of a new standard of ethics for our government and Democrat Party members? Is corruption by a Vice President who then becomes President accepted without question and void of any laws that govern those offices? Is the selling of an elected office as Vice-President and President for monetary reward a part of the oath of those offices? Are the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice only in existence now to cover up the ruthless disregard for law exhibited by the Bidens and to persecute private citizens? Meanwhile, the FBI, CIA and the Department of Justice spend every available second trying to destroy President Trump and his family who apparently are evil corrupt crooks for the committing of dubious legal infractions while the Biden's are portrayed as approaching Sainthood. It is doubtless that we have a two-tier justice system, being one for the Democrats and one for everyone else that is now presumed guilty and must prove innocence.

    It is inarguable that our world itself is now very unsafe under the Biden Administration. Why did President Biden pull United States forces out of Afghanistan and give the Taliban $50 billion dollars' worth of American Taxpayer funded weapons and supplies? Why were innocent service members and service animals left to be murdered, and/or starve to death? Why are we now supporting the Taliban, Hamas, and Iran with American funds, which are all sworn enemies of the United States? Why have we turned our back on Israel, being one of our strongest allies in the world and are choosing to support a hateful violent group that takes pride in the beheading of innocent, defenseless babies to murder them?

    Economically speaking, the USA is in grave difficulty. Our economy remains in shambles with the convoluted, debt-creating, irrational, and incoherent "Bidenomics" economic program that places America last in so many categories, such as energy with a failed and farcical green energy program and forbidding the use of plentiful fossil fuel energy supplies in our economy. "Bidenomics" ignores the problems of supply chain inventories and the restocking of essential goods needed for our economy. "Bidenomics" picks the winners and losers for our economy. "Bidenomics" chooses winners who have paid their tithes to the Democrat Party machine while disposing of those who disagree with them. "Bidenomics" has pushed our country to a $33 trillion-dollar national debt with no end in sight but bankruptcy and/or even more runaway inflation. "Bidenomics" is a degraded and deplorable economic program without rhyme nor reason. Needless to say, you are not better off than you were in November 2020, contrary to what the obedient, state-run media is trying to portray to you.

    Want to run for office? Please check with the Biden Administration and their operatives if you are even allowed to run. After all, apparently a small minority of American voters wish for him to go four more years as a feeble part-time President who knows little, if anything, going on in his own pathetic and corrupted Administration of fools and evil people that are in it. Even well intentioned candidates of them Democrat party wishing to primary Joe Biden are either discouraged or put into grave physical risk.

    Regrettably, the poor and pathetic leadership examples of the Biden Democrat Empire have been emulated by states and cities near you. Names like Newsom, Hochul, Murphy, Healey, and Pritzker have brought state governments to new lows featuring rampant homelessness, crime, out-migration, business departures, decaying cities, and illegal uncontrolled immigration. Not to be undone in this genre is Connecticut’s King Ned Lamont, The Unaccountable, presiding in physical presence over a state called Connecticut, now world famous for legal marijuana, corrupted voting, abused finances, and a nationally laughable reputation. Obviously, Connecticut does not want to be left behind in its quest to be the lead acolyte in the Biden corrupt perverted empire.

    Unfortunately, one could go on forever with the failures of Joe Biden as a President with his ridiculous policies, unprepared Vice President, and his cast of political wanna be’s, warmed over Communists, and has beens that claim intellectual and real-world superiority and dictate to the over 330 million people in our country what they can and cannot do. Their mannerisms and directives grate at decent Americans daily, along with their condescending commands and dictatorial posture.

    In 2024 we have a chance to restore America to greatness, self-sufficiency and to be a world leader for freedom. Or we can keep the Biden-esque losers and Marxist oppressors and become a fully socialistic regime with a failed liberal agenda that hates all things normal in our society. The choice is yours. The choice can't be Joe Biden and his band of Democrat misfits and acolytes.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Ed Vidal

    Yes, but we are in the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration.

    Obama picked both Biden & Harris, then the Democrat machine stole the election further.

    Mad Celt

    He's done no more damage than he was allowed to get away with. Biden is not an absolute ruler.

    Pelosi's Hammer

    I happen to agree with this. Governance by consent of the governed.


    Start out with the ZERO accomplishments the Biden DEI/DNC administration has done. Therefore start with ZERO!

    Paul A

    He is a hostage. He is is a feeble bumbling old man who is directed at every turn. He is clueless. He could be a piece of wood and the the same destructions would be taking place. I don’t give him any credit for being deviously evil, he was never that smart. He is the face of the evil cowards using him for “stupid is as stupid does.” We are smarter than the true perpetrators of this attack on our country. They are toeing the line testing our resolve, but there is a breaking point for everything.

    Amy Williams

    Well said- but what is the solution for getting these evil-mongers out of office? Elections via voting machines?! I think not…this year will be the most critical time and election in our entire history. IMHO our only chance is Divine intervention- please pray, everyone! God Bless us all!

    Paul A

    Prayers in masses. Thats how God hears. If you’re not praying, what is there to listen to. How does God know we need divine intervention. Trust in him with all your heart and your prayers will be answered.


    Excellent article but the people allowed this to happen. The entire system is corrupt and needs to be removed, government must be thinned down drastically, hopefully it begins to happen after the next election, but as corrupt as this state is I won’t hold my breath.

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