• The Freedom To Learn Rally Descends On Washington, D.C. On May 3rd

    The rally is backed by teachers unions, race-baiters who want more critical race theory, groups that promote anti-American interpretations of history and even the National Bar Association!

    Screenshot, The Right to Learn Coalition.

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    The "Freedom to Learn" ("F2L") National Day of Action is planned for May 3rd in Washington, D.C.

    The "F2L Collective" of groups sponsoring the event are upset about "the attacks being waged on educational curricula in the United States and elsewhere against intersectionality, critical race theory, Black feminism, queer theory, and other frameworks that address structural inequality."

    Those who can't make it to DC for the rally are encouraged to join a virtual rally tonight, May 2nd, featuring race-baiter Kimberle Crenshaw of 1619 Project fame, Squad member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA), the Reverend Al Sharpton from National Action Network, and a number of other progressives.

    Screenshot, X.

    The F2L Collective created an "activation guide" for the day of action that furthers expresses the group's concerns over the growing backlash against critical race theory ("CRT") and diversity, equity and inclusion ("DEI") efforts. The day of resistance marks the beginning of what looks to be a repeat of the "George Floyd Summer of Love" as F2L is expecting a summer-long struggle of fighting "anti-equity" and "anti-woke" movements for the elusive goal of "racial justice."

    The talking points shared in the guide actually argue that "there is no saving our democracy without saving our commitment to anti-racism because attacking DEI is attacking racial justice." For those of you new to the "anti-racism" game, the theory, as detailed by race-baiter Ibram X. Kendi, basically argues that the only way to atone for racist discrimination is with more discrimination.

    F2L further argues that conservatives are hard at work trying to "diminish efforts to remedy racial inequities." This is being done by conservatives who are "attacking" CRT and DEI at all levels of education. This admission offers an interesting point, especially considering that most K-12 school superintendents openly lie to parents and say they don't teach CRT because it's a college-level legal concept.

    The words of conservatives are then twisted by F2L to create propaganda that suggests teaching "the truth" about history will be criminalized by conservatives, and that conservatives will seek to turn teachers, students, administrators, DEI professionals, librarians and others into "criminals" if they teach "the truth" about history. Presumably this means the kind of "truth" taught in the widely-debunked 1619 Project and the "truth" about the "oppressors" who "colonized" America and other progressive ideas.

    At least 51 organizations have partnered with F2L on its mission to indoctrinate school children with CRT, Queer Theory, and DEI. These include the National Education Association (NEA), the American Federation of Teachers, the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the National Bar Association, the YWCA, and long list of other left-leaning organizations, such as:

    • Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law -- a group that is upset about the Supreme Court decision to end the racist practice of affirmative action.
    • The African American Policy Forum -- this is Crenshaw's effort to protect critical race theory in schools, to stop book bans, to promote the debunked 1619 project, and more.
    • National Black Justice Collective -- promotes racial justice and LGBTQ+/SGL equity.
    • Transformative Justice Coalition -- aims to make systematic changes to achieve racial justice, gender, economic and social justice and human right through public education.
    • GLSEN -- accused of grooming children through Gender Sexuality Alliance clubs and by promoting radical gender ideology curriculum in schools that teaches children may be born in the wrong bodies, all about pronouns and gender identities, and more.
    • Movement for Black Lives -- argues for reparations; wants to end all jails, prisons and immigration detention centers; wants to end the death penalty and the war on drugs; and wants to "demilitarize" law enforcement.
    • Zinn Education Project -- promotes far-left and anti-American interpretations of history in the K-12 educational system through education modules informed by the writings of alleged communist party member Howard Zinn; the project offers curriculum and role-playing lessons on topics like reconstruction, climate change, Black Lives Matter, how to abolish Columbus Day; and more!
    • Children's Defense Fund -- wants to increase the size of government and expand the welfare state; also operates "freedom schools" which essentially train low income and disadvantaged youth into becoming radical political activists.
    • The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard -- wants to protect Harvard from "conservatives determined to take down DEIJ nationwide".
    • Harriet Tubman Effect -- wants to "dismantle systemically oppressive structures" and also runs a "reallocation of wealth" campaign for "privileged" people to "confront systemic oppression" by donating to the Harriet Tubman Effect to hire more DEI people.
    • Human Rights Campaign -- a left-of-center nonprofit that works on human rights issues and receives funding from the likes of Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    • The CLC ("Critical L Collective") -- which is defending against attacks on CRT and is a huge supporter of the pro-Hamas Gaza solidarity encampment movement on college campuses.
    • Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) Action Fund -- which advocated for packing the Supreme Court, among other left-wing policy positions.
    • The Advancement Project -- a left-wing agitation group that opposes voter identification laws as part of its fight for social justice.

    The next time you see your child's teacher, who very likely belongs to their local chapter of the NEA or the AFT, why not ask if they know that their union dues are directly funding the divisive ideologies that are turning children into social justice warriors -- the kind who are camped out in little green tents on their college campuses and are grateful for praise from Hamas.

    Or maybe think twice before you sign up for that summer camp or YWCA membership, knowing that a portion of your fees will be used to support a bunch of left wing causes.

    Conservatives really need to stop funding organizations that fight against their values.

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