• The Greenwich Noise Ordinance Hypocrisy

    The RTM voted to ban gas-powered leaf blowers for summer, but it hasn't stopped landscapers from using them... on a property with ties to an RTM member who voted IN FAVOR of the ban!

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    Effective May 24 at 6:00pm, the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, with a few exceptions, became prohibited on residential properties until September 30. This restriction specifically targets gas-powered leaf blowers. Beginning in 2025, individuals found in violation may face fines of $100 for a first offense and $249 for subsequent offenses.

    The new ordinance passed at the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), the Town's legislative body, in January.

    If you drive around Greenwich, chances are you have observed first-hand that landscapers and even some residents are continuing to use their gas-powered leaf blowers, whether in defiance of the ordinance or perhaps they are completely unaware of what the RTM has mandated.

    To be clear this is not intended to “rat out” or “snitch” on neighbors in the hopes they draw fines.

    However, it is important to point out a bit of the hypocrisy when it comes to the equal application of the ordinance, also known as the “rules for thee but not for me” mentality.

    Glenville Street, Greenwich

    On this particular morning, a Greenwich resident who happened to be driving up Glenville Street toward King Street snapped a few photos of landscapers using at least two gas-powered back pack leaf blowers and a larger leaf blower toward the rear of the property. The landscaping truck had New York license plates.

    Based on the photos, the address was identified and an online search of the property was performed.

    36 Glenville Street, Greenwich

    The property in question, 36 Glenville Street, appears to be a mixed residential/commercial use space. More interesting, however, was the information about the property owners and agents.

    Based on the search, it appears the property is owned by GLD Glenville LLC based in Greenwich.

    The Principal of the LLC is Joan S. Orlovitz and the business address is listed as 239 Glenville Road. 

    Screenshot, CT.GOV Business

    Here's where it starts to get more interesting.

    The mailing address of the LLC, 239 Glenville Road, notes "C/O Geralyn Rubenstein" who is also a Greenwich resident.

    Screenshot, Radaris

    It turns out Rubenstein is not just any Greenwich resident.

    She was just re-elected for another term to the Greenwich RTM in November 2023 for District 9, the very same district where GLD Glenville LLC operates and the same district where the property in question is located.

    Screenshot, Greenwich RTM
    Screenshot, Greenwich RTM

    The exact nature of Ms. Rubenstein's role with GLD Glenville LLC is unclear, but it does raise questions. 

    Especially since earlier this year, Ms. Rubenstein voted in favor of the gas-powered leaf blower ban ordinance. She should be very familiar with it, and must know the use of gas-powered leaf blowers is now banned until September 30th.

    While the Board of Selectmen was granted a one-year variance for the Town, that same variance was not afforded to landscapers and residents. 

    Did she relay the news about the new ordinance to Joan S. Orlovitz? Did she happen to see the landscapers in action? Or is this just another case of "rules for thee but not for me"?

    Screenshot, Greenwich RTM Vote on Leaf Blower Ban

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