• The Lack Of Accountability In Today's Government

    October 14, 2023
    Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC

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    One thing that I can no longer tolerate is the blatant disregard for accountability, ethics, laws, rules, and truth that many elected politicians and appointed officials have for their office and their constituents.  At all levels of government, day in and day out, corruption, lies, and theft are passed off as normal.  Cheerleaders and activists calling themselves “journalists” work in tandem with newscasters from the state-run media to support this debacle with their nonsensical incoherent gibberish packaged as “news reporting” in order to help support government policies.  

    On a federal level, the continued failures of the Democrat Biden Administration are seen daily, regardless of how hard these “media partners” work to try to conceal them.  Our economy is in grave trouble with runaway inflation, a massive loss of economic and retiree wealth, a loss of real purchasing power due to runaway inflation, and a massive increase in personal debt due to inflation. Inflation is a tax whether the Democrat Party believes it or not.  The United States has a border crisis with untold millions of illegal immigrants walking through our unsecured and porous border.  American Taxpayers get to support these individuals through massive social welfare programs. The new energy crisis of our Pathetic President has increased all energy costs for Americans due to his irrational hatred of fossil fuels and energy independence for our country.  We now must surrender our dependable gasoline powered cars for Utopian electric vehicles in the name of environmental lunacy and irrationality. 

    We now have a national security crisis evidenced by the horrific and deadly pull out from Afghanistan, the untold economic support given to our enemy Iran, and now the horrific nightmare unfolding for Israel where innocent Americans were murdered in cold blood.  Crime in America is the norm with the victim of a crime being viewed as the criminal and the criminal being the victim.  It is undeniable that America has turned into a hell hole of Democrat Party induced violence, crime, murder, and theft.

    On a state level, Connecticut's march to socialism continues unabated under the reign of His Royal Con-Man, the corrupt and unaccountable Democrat King Ned Lamont. The King is continually lauded and embraced by the star-blinded state-run media followers.  We see enormous of profit made in spectacular fashion by a Democrat Governor and his humble wife through their hedge fund through unquestioned investments in companies that were given via Connecticut Taxpayers funds to do whatever they wished with the cash, and with no oversight or accountability.  There are still no answers given to the issues and involvements with Sema-4, Digital Currency Group, and its affiliates, ADVANCECT, Boston Consulting Group, UNITE US, Mt. Sinai Genomics, McKinsey and the Lamont-based Cayman Islands shell companies, inter-alia.  There is no transparency as well for Ned Lamont and his robber barons. 

    Crime is non-stop in the state, as daily car thefts, robberies and muggings are the new normal for Connecticut taxpayers.  And please do not bother Democrats in the state about having a constitutional right to defend yourself, for you, the law-abiding citizen, are the problem.  Just continue to give away your private property to the career thieves of the state, and shut up and enjoy it.  

    On a local level, Democrat run cities are sewers of economic and social ruin and despair with open air drug dens, daily murders, and much more social rot and decay than one could ever have imagined.  Democrat City District Attorneys have forgotten what laws are and mean, as their only concern is to damn all things Republican, Conservative, or Judeo-Christian.   Throw in the fact that your vote does not count as you see with the Bridgeport voting scandal, while all is hailed as wonderful in that socially decaying and sad city that Taxpayers support. 

    Politicians at all levels of government must stop ripping off their constituents by forcing them to fund this destruction of our country.  Accountability is lost at all levels of government.  News reporting must become truthful and objective again instead of being a force fed biased liberal brainwashing of anything that stands in the way of a perfect socialist Marxist utopia.  America needs true ethical political leaders to emerge again at all levels of government.  The political swamp and cesspool of corruption and lies needs to be drained, once and for all.  With too many things happening in this world, Taxpayers need to de-fund this garbage dump called government. 

    Americans are truly tired of being ripped off by politicians. The ruling elite ignores this fact as it is 1776 all over again.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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