• The League Of Women Voters Is Far From "Nonpartisan"—Here's What It Stands For And Who Funds It

    September 29, 2023
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    Municipal elections are just around the corner in Connecticut.

    The local Greenwich chapter of the League of Women Voters (LWV) is gearing up for election season, asking all of the RTM candidates to complete questionnaires and submit photos, and preparing for the upcoming debates among municipal candidates in October. 

    In 2022, Greenwich Republicans skipped the LWV debates due to what was described as an "unfriendly/unfair debate venue".

    At the time, the head of the Greenwich chapter of LWV, Sandy Waters, said, "candidates who duck nonpartisan election debates to seek political advantage do not serve the public interest... no one conducts debates more evenhandedly than the League of Women Voters.”

    But is that really the case? Is the League really nonpartisan as Waters claims? Or does it follow the same agenda as the national organization? How much do you know about what the national “League" stands for and where it obtains funding?

    Let's find out.

    The national League of Women Voters has been criticized for pushing left-leaning policies and progressive agenda items, such as health care reform and Obamacare, increased welfare handouts, and other tax-and-spend policies.  

    It supports legalization for illegal immigrants already in the country and opposes deportations for non-criminal illegal immigrants.

    It has mobilized partners, along with Planned Parenthood Action Fund, to promote the "Bans Off Our Bodies" campaign for reproductive justice.  And it worked to protect access to mifepristone which is used for “ medication abortion”.

    The League fights to keep trans students (specifically males who identify as females) in women’s and girl's sports.

    It even wrote an amicus brief for Hecox v. Little, which was about Idaho’s new law that would bar trans students (born male) from competing in women’s sports.  The President of LWV, Dr. Deborah Turner, called the law, "an egregious example of sex discrimination that has the potential to create unacceptable and possibly permanent harm and trauma”.  

    She also argued that keeping trans athletes out of women’s sports was racist.

    LWV is urging Congress to address climate change and ‘protect our youth’ by passing a resolution that, "recognizes the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on the health, economic opportunities, and fundamental rights of children in the US”. 

    And, of course, the League was hostile to Trump when he was in office, accusing him of an “assault” on contraceptive care and more. It even argued that the 2016 election “WAS rigged” and suggested that “voter suppression" may have played a role, joining the ranks of other election-deniers.

    According to Influence Watch, the League, along with its affiliates and the associated “educational” arm, the LWV Voters Education Fund, has received support from liberal donors including the Ford Foundation, the Foundation to Promote Open Society (started by George Soros, who is a World Economic Forum globalist), and the Tides Foundation.

    It’s no wonder the League is criticized for being biased.

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