• The Lesser Of Two Evils

    May 31, 2024

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    Perhaps the most insidiously evil aspect to politics in America is the concept of the lesser of two evils. Born out of the “two-party system” is the heads or tails Hobson’s choice which pretends no other option. It is no more valid than insisting on painting everything black or white in a full color spectrum world.

    The two-party system doesn’t appear in the original Constitution. No party system is outlined at all. The original presidential elections took the winner as president and the runner-up as vice president. This ensured at least some representation for a sizable majority of the citizens. In 1804 the corrupt party advocates devised a way to send the country down the destructive lesser of two evils path. The only thing worse in American politics has been the injection of money and lobbying.

    The political experts claim there is room for other parties. That was true in 1800, and might still have been true in 1900. Today the political apparatus has been refined and rigged so that third-party candidates are scoffed at and their supporters accused of throwing away their votes. That isn’t necessarily wrong. How many third-party candidates sit in the US Congress?

    The obvious but often overlooked fact is that, in the lesser of two evils paradigm, both choices by definition are evil. This says explicitly that we don’t want either choice. On the surface this is bad, like having to choose between shooting yourself in the foot or the arm. Both hurt and leave you bleeding. No rational actor would put themselves in such an unviable position or desire the unavoidable outcome.

    Playing the lesser of two evils compromises the good. When faced with two bad choices, the real trick being played is getting you to forget that good is even possible. Like the casinos in Vegas, the house always wins. You know you are going to lose, but you keep playing. There was a moment when Donald Trump arrived on the political scene and that changed. The TV talking heads laughed out loud at him. He has less than zero chance, they mocked. Then he said the things that people thought but no politician dared say. The terrorists are Islamic terrorists. The open border is bad. The media tell lies. Suddenly, in that moment, the good seemed possible again.

    On that rare occasion that an inspirational candidate comes along, we can vote wholeheartedly without reservation. Most of the time we sigh and pull the lever, knowing we are not getting what we want. It doesn’t end there. Forcing a population to repeatedly choose bad options drives them into a hopeless apathy. It also creates blind spots where people justify bad outcomes, in a form of confirmation bias. No one likes to be wrong or own the bad. This is an essential part of the control operation. Eventually, like sheep following one another into the slaughterhouse, the group gives away its rights and freedoms with nary a bleat.

    The gradual downward spiral into apathetic slumber works like the slow boil of a frog. He doesn’t feel it coming until it is too late. There is no other way to explain the current scene in America. We have wide open borders, runaway debt and overspending, cultural destruction in schools, widespread censorship, a weaponized justice system and state-run media. These are not opinions open to debate. These are observable, provable facts. The founding fathers of America started a revolution for a lot less. Yet here we sit debating red vs blue as if that mattered, and doing the same thing over and over. The lesser of two evils is just that dangerous.

    In today’s system we yo-yo between polarized party governments, both of which claim the other is the evil that will end the world. Both manage to push the country in a more totalitarian, less freedom direction regardless of what they say. A quick review of political history tells the story. The left has installed welfare programs with a track record of corruption, waste and bad outcomes. They remain and have only grown over time, regardless of who rules. The right has pushed military spending beyond any reasonable level of national security to the point where interrupting war spending is actually a threat to our economy. We have military bases all over the world and have been involved in conflicts continuously for nearly thirty straight years. All this happens in a country where our founding fathers rightfully opposed maintaining a standing army. Again this only grows, no matter who rules. War mongering seems to know no party boundaries.

    Spending as a general topic has the most agreement of all on Capitol Hill, no matter which party rules. Money represents power, and spending more money translates to more power. Power is party, party is power, and money talks. Thus we spend to excess under both parties and try to spend more. If we don’t make enough to satisfy our spending lust, we borrow and print more, and pretend that works.

    How about the border? For decades illegal immigration has continued unabated, despite both parties claiming they want to fix the problem. When Trump took office with the GOP in control of both legislatures, he couldn’t pry out a penny for the border wall, and had to cobble together what he could.

    Both parties are prolific when it comes to laws and regulations, which pile up like firewood no matter who rules. It is Newton’s third law of government. Every law made has an equal and opposite law to counter it. Bad laws beget more bad laws. Pretty soon the woodpile is so high we can no longer see the sky.

    It almost seems like that is the plan. That is the buried lede to this story. The dichotomy of parties and the lesser of two evils mantra are merely a distraction from the mutually assured destruction taking place right in front of our eyes. And that’s the simple truth.

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    Diogenes of Tampa is an author and podcaster at The Truth Window where he addresses tough topics on any subject in any arena. No holds barred. No sacred cows. Just the truth. Learn more at: https://thetruthwindow.substack.com

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