• The NEA Teachers Union Is Calling On Colleges To Drop Standardized Testing Requirements

    December 22, 2023
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    The National Education Association (NEA) teachers union is still bent out of shape over the Supreme Court ruling that ended the racist practice of affirmative action in college admissions.

    It's demanding that colleges and universities drop standardized testing requirements in the admissions process.

    "If we don’t act now, the recent decision by the Supreme Court to ban affirmative action and race-conscious admission policies could prompt colleges to put even more pressure on limited tests like the SAT and ACT," wrote the NEA. "While students of every race benefited from admissions policies like affirmative action, if we do nothing Black and brown students will face new barriers when they try to work toward a better future."

    Students of every race benefited from affirmative action? Is that really what the NEA thinks?

    So "Black and brown students" need to have testing requirements removed in order to help because they aren't capable of scoring well on standardized tests? And lowering the bar is the best way to help? Is that really what the NEA thinks?

    The NEA's demand is reminiscent of Senate Bill 744 in Oregon which removed reading, writing and math requirements for high school graduation in order to make the graduation requirement process "equitable, accessible, and inclusive" for all students.

    The Oregon State Board of Education argued that requiring students to pass standardized tests was a "harmful hurdle for students of color, disabled students, or those learning English as a second language."

    Those opposed to the move argued that removing the graduation requirement reduces the value of an Oregon diploma.

    "It's insulting and condescending. Telling people of color are not smart enough to do math, reading and writing. It's the worst kind of racism. They can take and shove it with where the sun don't shine. Always the victim, and never the victor. That's what they think," wrote a user on X in response to the Oregon decision.

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    This is better known as the inmates running the asylum. It started in the 1960s.


    Former teacher. Always hated the national teachers unions and their Marxist members. They're scared that everyone is seeing the abject failure of the public education system, which is graduating kids who can't read, write, or do basic math. The colleges share the blame for accepting these unqualified students. Most won't make it past their freshman year. Those that do graduate will do so with a lot of debt and bogus degrees that qualify them to be a fry cook at best.

    Big Papi 34

    Are public schools really to blame here? Schools have become a one-stop for all basic student needs...academic, social, emotional, meals, etc. You can only do so much in 6 hours per day. Want to know the real issue in schools today? It is a lack of parenting and addiction to electronics/social media. Keep blaming the schools though...they are an easy scapegoat for society's failures.


    Right. The schools should concentrate on teaching kids the basics and learning how to live in an organized, civilized environment. No gender identity crap. No victim-oppressor crap. No anti-American propaganda.

    Pelosi's Hammer

    I'd rather my surgeon rank at the top of the class. I'd rather the plane I'm riding in have a mechanic that knows how to tighten a bolt. etc, etc, etc...

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