• The People Blaming The Victim In The Brutal Greenwich Assault Are Sick

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    We are deeply troubled and upset about the absolutely vicious attack on a female Greenwich High School student which took place on a school night last week in Byram Park. No one deserves to take a beating like that.

    But first things first.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and her family during this incredibly difficult time. We can't begin to imagine the pain, both physical and emotional, that this poor girl has already suffered as a result of this nightmarish assault.

    Though we are a bit disappointed in the messaging from the Town, local elected leaders, and politicians on the matter. Not to mention the complete lack of messaging from Greenwich High School, especially considering many students had seen the videos circulating on Facebook and Snapchat the night of the attack.

    We received copies of seven different videos of the assault, but have declined to share any of them.

    Some of the videos have appeared on the internet and in articles, however one of the videos we received, to the best of our knowledge, has not yet made the rounds on social media.

    That video shows what happened BEFORE the girl was savagely attacked.

    It shows a multicultural group of juveniles arguing about who said what about whom and who laughed about it. Kids were standing in a big circle and a couple of girls entered the circle. The victim, who appears to be white, was part of the circle, but not inside the center. A male voice on the video then announced "I'm a D-1 instigator, I've got this", and seemed intent on causing the ensuing melee.

    Apparently this large group of kids couldn't find anything else better to do on a Tuesday night.

    After the circle started to break up, someone walked past the victim and appeared to give her a "shoulder check". Then a guy shoved the victim to the ground. Then other people kicked at her while she was on the ground. All of that happened before what was shown on the video that was released by Yankee Tea News.

    Victim getting pushed to the ground.

    Nothing in the early part of the video seemed serious enough to warrant the first beating this girl took — when she was rolled down the ground, dragged by her hair and worse — of course there could be more to the story, but based on what we saw, the response was way out of line.

    When the victim finally sat up, she was disoriented, confused, and said the "n" word — the same "n" word that is prolifically used in rap songs and pop culture and the same word that was used at the White House Correspondents Dinner by comedian Larry Wilmore, who referred to President Obama as "my n***a".

    The White House Press Secretary at the time, Josh Earnest, told reporters that the President “appreciated the sentiment that Mr. Wilmore expressed in his speech” and that “the personal views that Mr. Wilmore was expressing came from a genuine place.”

    When this girl said the word — and to be clear we are not justifying the use of the word, we don't condone the use of that word, and we don't use the word ourselves, only to relay this particular story — all hell broke loose.

    Mind you, this was not an even "fight" as the local media and officials have characterized it. The violence was largely one-sided based on the seven videos we reviewed.

    There are now people suggesting that the victim got what she deserved, and said she "had it coming" for using the "N" word.

    Screenshot, Atlanta Black Star.

    One particularly troubling series of comments came from Black Lives Matter 860 in Hartford which asserted the victim might not have lived had this happened in Hartford, and said "I hope the girl learned her lesson and won't use the N word again." BLM 860 even argued that the attackers should have knocked the girl's teeth out for saying the word.

    BLM 860 went on to argue that the victim should be charged with a hate crime, and concluded it was "a small price to pay" for the victim's mistake. BLM 860 even offered to fundraise to cover the legal bills for the attackers.

    The way that BLM 860 sees it, the black girls were right to take "corrective action" (aka "social justice") because "violence is justified" in this situation.

    Many people on social media were horrified by BLM 860's comments, and faulted indoctrination into DEI and critical race theory as contributing factors to apparent the racial tension.

    We are now wondering how First Selectman Fred Camillo's new Thought Police committee might have handled the situation.

    Would the it side with BLM 860? Or with the victim?

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    Marty G Kirkpatrick

    Would it have been any different if she had used the word Negro?? The word has went down in history as the name given to that particular race of Humans. It is supposed to be alright to use it if you are black, but no other race can utter it too? That is ridiculous on its face.
    Ever heard of the word niggardly? It is a word used to describe a behavior, NOT A SKIN COLOR--

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