• The Race vs. Jim Himes Cannot Be Contested On A Democrat-Defined Political Battlefield

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    I approach the Primary as a contest about which candidate can best prosecute the case against the incumbent, while effectively championing the principles and values of the Republican Party.  For the past year I’ve conducted a campaign of persistent-offense against Jim Himes, exposing his abysmal voting record, always offering the Conservative Republican solution to any issue at which Himes has failed.  I pledge to the citizens of the 4th District not to contest this race on a political battlefield defined by the Democrats and the American Left. 

    For the past twenty years and more, the activist Left aligned with the broad array of Democrat mouthpieces, have continually polarized the effective Republican figures - those publicly making the case against the destructive Democrat agenda. Then, with media support, they proceed to make them too ‘radioactive’ to be associated or aligned with. Then, through coordinated repetition and intimidation they build a media-amplified chorus to make our most effective and potent issues 'radioactive' as well.  One of the main purposes of this strategy is to turn our most effective people and issues into a sort of political minefield, to be avoided by the balance of Republicans.

    The desired effect of this quite cunning Alinskyite strategy is to transform a challenging issues battlefield into one more favorable to the Leftist Democrat agenda. Unfortunately, this has worked successfully in Blue-Captured Connecticut. With corporate media flying cover and enforcement, the political atmosphere has become intimidating for Republicans to simply speak the truth of what we see with our own eyes. The result is too many Republican candidates swerve around the targeted political figures, and dilute the potency of their best issues. Too often reacting and responding to this minefield, the Republican candidate appears to stand for nothing, or a milder version of the Democrat agenda, which is destroying the country. I simply refuse to ‘swerve’ to accommodate their agenda. 

    Another deception deployed against Republicans is the idea that the large swath of the CT electorate (roughly 40%) registered as Unaffiliated, are ‘moderates’ who just want to hear ‘reasonable solutions.’ Some may be, but over the past 15 years of speaking to them in the District, I hear most indicate they are ‘Unaffiliated’ from the major parties for a reason. Many see the Democrats as deceptive, and in recent years as on the wrong track. However, they don’t see enough Republicans standing firmly against the Democrat agenda, and when they do, they see too little follow up with action where it counts. I firmly contend the majority of Unaffiliateds seek a candidate who will take a principled stance on the issues of the day, and not waver under attack.

    We Republicans champion the right principles, values, and solutions for the current times - and the solid citizens of CT-4 need to hear them loud, clear, and unwavering from our candidates. That is why I entered the race, and I have not hesitated in championing our principles, and contrasting them with the failed record of the incumbent, Himes.  

    Regardless of the candidate, if the 4th District race closes in the polls, the Republican will face the politico-media smear and attack machine.  I've faced it all before in my grassroots organizing days, in both local and national forums.  I am best seasoned and prepared to handle hostile press.  I'm running an energetic primary effort in all 17 towns of the District, and organizing a ground game which will drive us thru the general as well.  

    I continue to believe I am the candidate for this time.

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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    Michael Satagaj

    May we consider that the issue is less about the 'defined battlefield' or the Democrat platform or Democrat agents or Democrat tactics and more about the pseudo-intellect and pseudo-morality and un-responsibility of the CT public. The larger portion of our citizenry is willingly conditioned over and over to the politically correct positions, to expedience, fairness, and comfortable perspectives. What is not offered nor wanted is the TRUTH.

    Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis

    Michael Satagaj

    The CHEAT, verified last year in BrIdgeport's mayoral primary is not relegated to Bridgeport. In fact, consider that CT might even be the test lab for DNC schemes.

    Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis

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