• The Reality Of Infosys: Outsourcing Is What They Do

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    Infosys is a global company worth billions of dollars that specializes in outsourcing. In 2018 Infosys came to the State of Connecticut. Since then Infosys has gotten $58 million dollars in grants from the state to create thousands of jobs. Five years later the transparency on how many of those promised jobs have actualized is murky at best, and non existent at worst. Infosys was contracted by Northeast Utilities now Eversource, and laid off competent IT professionals for cheaper IT workers overseas. To make matters worse those who were laid off were also forced to train their own replacement or be left laid off without references and insubordination. So much for creating more jobs, eh?

    Northeast Utilities is just one of many companies laying off American IT professionals for cheap foreign labor that bypasses American labor laws and taxes. This is happening all over the country. While the border crisis is waging in Texas guess where Governor Abbott was at the start of it? He was in India making deals with companies similar to Infosys. The trail of money always reveals the real motivation.

    Some compare the working conditions of the foreign Infosys replacements as indentured servants. The most concerning part of this story is our government’s hand in making deals to do this to their own citizens. The government is suppose to work for the people, not international billion dollar companies like Infosys. While you’re barely able to keep your heat and lights on, feed your family, AND pay your taxes, the State of Connecticut is spending like crazy creating more debt, more taxes, and undermining well paying jobs with jingoism and backroom deals. When will the people say, ENOUGH?

    Take a listen to my live interview with CT Tech-worker Coalition:

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    Jennifer Sparks aka J.Cherry

    Jennifer Sparks aka J.Cherry is an independent journalist, radio host, and producer. On the airways she was known as J.Cherry where she produced a popular local radio show, VOICE of the CITY, airing on WESU 88.1FM. There she conducted in depth and candid interviews with artists, politicians, authors, activists, scientists, and community leaders. In 2020 Jennifer left WESU to pursue an independent podcast where she could freely talk about controversial subjects. A mother and wife before being a journalist, she felt compelled to break free and dig into medical freedom, government policy, parental rights, public health, corruption, and big pharma. Over the years Jennifer has been published in local newspapers as a freelance writer. Frustrated with being censored and not being able to publish the stories she felt were important and under reported, she began her own blog. Her work can be found at jcherrrypresents.com and on Substack https://jcherry152.substack.com/.

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