• ‘The Shot Heard Round The World’

    August 12, 2022

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    Guest post by Tamara Lashchyk

    The news of the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago hit me like any Trump supporter. First, there was fear, then outrage, and finally, anger. It turned my stomach. “We are now living in Czechoslovakia,” I thought. Not today’s Czech Republic, but the former Communist country where political opponents were thrown out of multiple story windows. But then, came a sense of calm. I resolved everything was happening just as it was supposed to, and in its appointed time. I knew the MAGA movement is unstoppable and Trump’s re-election in 2024 is not only inevitable, but providential.

    The cabal that runs the entire world is crumbling. Their systems are collapsing, and world leaders who don’t have the best interest of their people at heart have lost their grip. That collapse will continue as it spreads through every political system, including ours. 

    Yet, it’s an exciting time to be alive and watch this narrative unfold. It is the defeat of evil by the good and the righteous. It is a story of justice. Clearly, President Trump is no Boy Scout; he is an imperfect instrument. However, he is the one responsible for our awakening. We would have never known the full extent of media corruption, had he not first called them out as “FAKE NEWS.” That was just the beginning.

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    We continued to open our eyes throughout his presidency, as the real world came into focus. The people were no longer asleep, and our agenda was set in motion. President Trump ignited a movement so big and so powerful – that it even dwarfs him. Removing him as figurehead will not stem the red tide.

    Today a groundswell of patriots stand outside the President’s home in support and solidarity. Across the country there are grass roots organizations rising up, and most America First candidates were triumphant at the polls. This should be a source of great alarm to the establishment because our movement has its own strong sense of intuition. We are not coordinated by anyone in particular, yet, we all understand what to do next. 

    The world now watches in shock as political corruption, once imagined only in the Third World, now openly corrodes the greatest democracy in history. But the world should fear not, because a revolution is coming to America and the raid on Mar-a-Lago was ‘the shot heard round the world.’


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