• The Transgender Tide Is Turning

    The Biden Easter debacle reveals Americans have had enough.

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    By Mark McDonald, M.D.

    This Easter Joe Biden used the transgender club to attack Christianity and Christians. The attack backfired miserably, leaving the entire administration with Easter egg on its face. The fiasco exposed the depravity that defines the Biden presidency. It also revealed the growing strength of an America that has overcome its fear of denouncing a movement that seeks to destroy the foundation of the nation.

    Easter is the most important Christian holiday, marking the resurrection of Christ. This year, it falls on March 31. The Biden administration, through Biden himself, announced that March 31 would now be designated “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This is not the first time Biden has formally named a day on the calendar after a destructive activist cause. He signed Juneteenth into law in 2021, the first new American federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr Day in 1983.

    This announcement, though, could not have been more deliberately offensive—profane, even—to all Americans.

    Transgenderism is a movement that seeks to normalize the elimination of all inherent biological distinctions between male and female. The overt narcissism and hubris of such a position represents an attack on both science and religion, denying both reality and Judeo-Christian teachings. A tenet of Christianity is that God made humans distinctly male and female, enabling the creation of new life through children. Biological science concurs that sex is immutable and that both sexes are necessary for reproduction. This has not been challenged or even questioned for over 2,000 years by either the religious or the non-religious.

    By honoring the transgender movement on Easter Sunday, Biden made clear his support for the most destructive movement of our time and his contempt for all Christians—the majority of Americans. It was the equivalent of announcing National Flag-Burning Day on July 4, with the rationale that flag-burners are actually patriots who deserve to be honored on the day of the nation’s founding, because they’re so active in exercising their First Amendment rights.

    In fact, Biden did just that with the transgenders. In his announcement, he explained his reasoning by quoting Genesis: “You are made in the image of God.” He neglected to complete the verse, which ends with “…man and woman.” He knowingly perverted religious teaching to push a depraved, anti-religious political agenda. He spat in the face of Christians and the Christian values that founded the country.

    Biden does this frequently, as he speaks of himself as a devout, practicing Christian in one breath while in the other demanding that abortion on demand be expanded to every city and state. He frequently decries “Christian nationalists” (without ever defining the term) yet preaches tolerance and forgiveness for Islamic terrorism.

    Joe Biden is not a Christian. He hates Christians and Christianity.

    The backlash to his despicable announcement was swift and searing. And it came not just from conservative corners like Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson but from Americans of all walks of life. NBA player Jonathan Isaac posted on Twitter that the White House “knows exactly what they are doing. They want you to hate! This helps no one and only promotes division.” Apparently, Isaac noticed something more Americans have begun to see: The transgender movement is fraudulent and destructive, and so is anyone who supports it.

    It wasn’t like this until recently. Outside religious and conservative circles, most Americans saw the transgender movement as an outgrowth of the gay rights movement. They sympathized with what they saw as an aggrieved group suffering discrimination at the hands of Christian conservatives. Their eyes have been opened. And they are no longer afraid to speak out against a clearly destructive force.

    Although not directly related to the Easter political bloodbath, two prominent figures overseas just doubled down on their opposition to the transgender movement. The world’s most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, announced he is a “cultural Christian,” explaining that despite a lack of religious faith, he agrees with and supports the social constructs of Christianity, including the binary nature of man and woman. Harry Potter author JK Rowling, long under fire for going after the anti-woman underpinnings of trans activism, just publicly challenged the police to arrest for violating a newly enacted hate-crime law in Scotland for a series of posts on Twitter where she referred to transgender women as men. The police backed down. Opposition to trans activism can no longer be dismissed as conservative extremism.

    The White House had already prepared its response to the outcry over Biden’s trashing of the Easter holiday, perhaps expecting opposition to come only from its political enemies. The White House press secretary denounced all criticism of Biden’s announcement as “dishonest,” “hateful,” and “bigoted.” She was caught flat-footed when reporters pointed out that it wasn’t only conservatives who found Transgender Day of Visibility to be offensive.

    What this signifies is that opposition to the transgender movement has broadened beyond traditional conservative camps. More Americans who describe themselves as politically liberal and non-religious are now openly condemning this abusive ideology that has invaded our homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, and sports.

    Transgenderism is bringing Americans together in a way that not even the pandemic did.

    The movement is a direct assault on everything fundamental. No one is spared—not children, not adults, not blacks, not lesbians. As the bar for displaying courage continues to be lowered, virtually any American can now call himself courageous for simply acknowledging truth and reality: Men and women are distinct. One cannot become the other. To say that they can is a destructive lie.

    Dr. Mark McDonald is a Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis, as well as Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Individual and National Recovery. You can follow Dr. McDonald on his Substack, Dissident MD: The Intersection of medicine and politics. Sign up here: https://markmcdonaldmd.substack.com/. Dr. McDonald also publishes a podcast with Dr. Jeff Barke called Informed Dissent. Learn more about his background here.

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    Maria R

    I love Trump but cannot fathom why he would host the perverted Log Cabin homosexuals in Mar a Lago this week. He already deflated Christian enthusiasm with his criticism of prolife efforts. No hard core LGBTQers will vote for Trump anyway, no use kissing their butts.


    Because they're republicans!

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