• The Trump Train Is Roaring Back


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    By Eduardo Vidal.

    [Doral, Florida] Last weekend the ReAwaken America Tour made its 19th stop, since starting in Tulsa, Oklahoma during 2021, in Trump National Doral golf resort. This event sold out early and attracted 3,500 participants from all 50 states and five foreign countries, including Canada.The overflow crowd and parking spread throughout this suburb of Miami, with shuttles going everywhere.

    The main theme was support for the re-election of President Trump next year, and the speakers included many of his most loyal supporters:

    Lt. General Mike Flynn was the main speaker and co-host. He emphasized the duplicity of the administrative state (especially the DOJ, FBI and CIA), and the need to oppose it fearlessly at every level of government - - federal, state and local.

    Pastor Sean Feucht is my favorite Christian rock ‘n roller. He has toured proclaiming the Word and opposing the Wuhan virus lockdowns since 2020. I saw him live playing in South Miami during the start of 2021.

    Eric and Lara Trump confirmed that Trump’s family (including Melania) continues to back him enthusiastically.

    Other members of Trump’s administration and inner circle also spoke on his behalf: Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, Devin Nunes, Peter Navarro and Kash Patel.

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    Matthew Whitaker, interim Attorney General between the cowardly RINO Jeff Sessions and the duplicitous swamp RINO Bill Barr, should have been the permanent Attorney General all along.

    Election integrity stalwarts included attorneys Tom Renz of Ohio and Leigh Dundas of California, as well as Captain Seth Keshel out of Texas.

    Generally most speakers delivered not only a political message supporting the MAGA agenda, but also a message of care for our spiritual and material needs. They delivered a Judeo-Christian message, counseled to avoid processed foods and unproven pharmaceuticals, and provided entrepreneurial business coaching.

    In particular, General Flynn is familiar with Miami from his prior appearances on behalf of County Citizens Defending freedom and other grassroots conservative groups. In a press briefing, Christi Tasker of Patriots Perspective (https://patriotsperspective.com/) obtained a video of him addressing the citizens of Miami: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTAPeRSZ9qM&t=1037s.

    Critics of this event refuse to acknowledge some basic facts:

    The Presidential election of 2020 was rigged, by such actions as the blackout on reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop, the influence of the administrative state on all media to produce biased content, and the effect of $400 million in Zucker Bucks and other progressive efforts to get out the vote solely in Democrat districts. Plus there is reasonable evidence to question the veracity of election results in Philadelphia County, PA, Wayne County, MI, Milwaukee County, WI, Fulton County, GA, and Maricopa County, AZ. Throughout 2020 election integrity safeguards were loosened and Vote-By-Mail was expanded in response to the Wuhan virus lockdowns. See: https://miamiindependent.com/mailin-it-in-vote-by-mail-is-rife-with-fraud/. Despite the Constitutional requirement that state legislatures alone make the rules for Presidential elections, many rule changes were enacted by judges and administrators, without legislative approval. See the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, second paragraph. Democrats also stole the 1960 Presidential election for JFK.

    The so-called vaccines against the Wuhan flu are more dangerous than the flu itself, which indeed was not so dangerous to the overwhelming majority. The virus itself came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where it had been developed with support and funding from Dr. Anthony Fauci (the American Mengele). The dangers from the fake vaccines has been covered up, and the opportunities to use cheap and proven pharmaceuticals, like HCL, were disavowed by the public health establishment. Masks do not work and can be harmful. The pandemic was used to impose a totalitarian regime of government control out of proportion to the medical danger.

    The Capitol riot of January 6, 2021 was mostly a false-flag operation, the American equivalent of the Reichstag fire in Berlin during 1933. Trump had held over 300 rallies since he had come down the elevator at Trump Tower in June 2015, and never had his supporters acted violently, despite violent attacks against them. The day before, Trump had offered 10,000 National Guardsmen to protect the Capitol, but Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Bowser turned them down, in order to leave the target unprotected. The Capitol Police did not receive coherent instructions on how to handle the crowd. The government had at least 20 to 40 agents provocateur instigating a violent assault on the Capitol, including Ray Epps and John Sullivan. When asked under oath by a Congressional committee whether the FBI had such agents, Director Chris Wray refused to answer, and we may draw reasonable inferences from his silence. The only person killed during this riot was Ashli Babbit, a Trump supporter, a U.S. Air Force veteran and a petite woman, who was wrongfully assassinated at point-blank range by an Affirmative Action officer of the Capitol Police.

    Finally, critics of this event refuse to acknowledge that America was founded and has flourished as a Judeo-Christian nation. The participants in this event defend America against its fundamental transformation, being attempted right now by woke progressives, into a totalitarian socialist gulag. Critics of this event rented an advertising barge with LED billboards floating along the cruise ships in Miami harbor proclaiming their opposition to Christian nationalism, which is what you would expect from socialist revolutionaries. What do they propose? Pagan nationalism? Politics is about morality and so is Christianity. Faith without works is dead. The separation of church and state is for the benefit of churches.

    The main significance of this event, however, is confirmation that the Trump Train is roaring back. No other candidate for President has this level of enthusiastic support. This enthusiasm, however, must be translated into effective voting and election integrity.

    John Maynard Keynes, the British macroeconomist, once observed that: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, Sir?” The facts about Trump have changed since his failure in the midterm elections of November 2022. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis won a resounding victory in a formerly Battleground State, and Trump’s failure to identify effective political allies and his refusal to let go of his grievances from 2020, had rendered him ineffective. No one wants to hear losers whining. See: https://miamiindependent.com/viewpoint-response-to-midterm-elections-dont-back-no-losers/. However, as Harold Macmillan, British Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963, liked to observe, things can change quickly in politics due to: “Events, dear boy, events!”

    The events that have restored Trump’s standing with the electorate include: (1) His wrongful prosecution by the Manhattan District Attorney last month, and Trump’s courage in response, highlighting his patriotism and commitment to MAGA; (2) The baseless civil trial against him for l’affair Bergdorf Goodmanhighlighting the political bias of progressive legislators, judges and juries, as well as prosecutors; and (3) the failure of every one of President Brandon’s policies in reversal of Trump’s policies: inflation, bank failures, economic contraction, energy dependence, open borders, surging crime, school failure and indoctrination, humiliation in Kabul, war in Europe, weakness in Taiwan, etc.

    This Democrat “lawfare” has backfired, and John Durham’s report released this week further confirms that all the legal charges brought against Trump, going back to Russia collusion, have been baseless and political. Merrick Garland has a point: The biggest threat to American democracy is from domestic terrorism - - by the DOJ, FBI and CIA. That by itself is reason enough to re-elect Trump.

    In addition, the success of Trump’s policies is obvious to all, except to self-loathing progressives unhinged from reality, and to dependents on government welfare, such as direct recipients, government bureaucrats and crony capitalists. All that, plus a 70% chance of recession by next year makes Trump’s second act in the Presidency a likely case.

    Governor DeSantis has been scoring conservative points (for the most part) during the Florida legislative session that just ended, and has not even launched his campaign yet. He might as well not bother to do so. Polls show him around 30 points down in the Republican primaries, and from 8 to 28 points down even in Florida, with Trump going on to beat Brandon by six or seven points. As in 2016, Trump benefits from a crowded field in the primaries. This experience should serve DeSantis well for 2028.

    DeSantis wants to be the candidate of looking forward, instead of lingering on the rigged and stolen elections of the recent past. Accordingly, he has ignored the issue of election fraud, and supported weak election integrity legislation, which was drafted by Florida’s administrative state. Consequently, many grassroots conservatives are sticking with or returning to Trump.

    Nevertheless, DeSantis should challenge Trump, because he will make Trump a better candidate. He will keep Trump focused on the future and on his successful policies. As the Bible says, iron sharpens iron. Other useful candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination are: (1) Larry Elder, the Black Face of White Supremacy, according to the Los Angeles Times; and (2) Vivek Ramaswamy, Mr. Get Woke, Go Broke, and a colored guy whose family volunteered to come to America despite our alleged racism. The other candidates are wannabees.


    Research assistance with this column is acknowledged from Christi Tasker, candidate for Miami City Commission, District 2, in November this year.


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