• The War On America

    June 20, 2024
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    There is a War on America. This isn’t a threat of nuclear missiles from some foreign adversary like Russia or China. It is not about the Ukraine, Gaza or Taiwan. This war rages right here on American soil and is being fought by home grown and sometimes hidden armies dedicated to destroying all that is right and good for America and frankly, the rest of the planet.

    Before you conjure up visions of armed white supremacist militias sporting shaved heads and swastika tattoos stockpiling weapons on a remote compound in the hills of Montana — stop. That is the fever dream the enemy is pitching, a misdirection flanking tactic in the War on America. J6 was never an insurrection at all, certainly not worst than 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the Civil War. The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were never seditious conspirators hell bent on armed rebellion. Donald Trump is not Satan, Putin and Hitler combined, an evil fiend determined to put all people of color in chains. That is, as Biden might shout out angrily in non-sequitur fashion, malarkey, another bill of goods that the real enemy wants to sell you to justify tightening the noose around those few freedoms that we have left. Those big lies are meant to push you cowering into a corner where you will hand over your freedoms, always for the greater good, as civilization dies with a whimper, not a bang.

    The home grown enemy I speak of are not foreigners, although the open border may provide millions more recruits to the cause. No, this army was trained right in our universities and schools. You are paying for your own destruction. Neat trick if you can pull it off. The enemy has been busy.

    Over the past four years we have been subjected to severely altered and unreliable elections that bear little resemblance to the standard of elections from just a decade ago. We were forced to take an unproven shot, forced to cover our faces and walk six feet apart, forced to stay in our homes, all based on lies and exaggerations fed to us by our own government. We are forcefed lies by the mainstream media on a nearly continuous basis, while the government censors the truth. The national debt clock spins out of control while the ensuing inflation drives more Americans into poverty. Any attempt to get injunctive relief disappears into a gaping abyss where the once-vaunted American legal system used to be.

    What has happened to justice in America? Where are the constitutional jurists, the judges and lawyers who are committed to mete out justice fairly and blindly to everyone and to uphold the laws and constitution? With so many examples of injustice being wrought upon us it is an easy question to ask. A look at what is being taught in the top law schools gives part of the answer. When it comes to making lawyers and judges, the Marxism of social justice and DEI, and the racism of anti-racism and BLM have over-shadowed the long-standing traditions of jurisprudence and the constitutional norms that have protected the freedom that made America great.

    The left, and that starts with Joe Biden at the top, have been doggedly denouncing Donald Trump and his supporters who are called MAGA extremists. The left would like no better than to minimize and marginalize this group as small, fringe and radical, a dangerous cult deserving extermination. Easy observation belies such desperate and constant screeds. Compare the meager few following Biden to the overflowing crowds anywhere Trump appears. These tens of millions of American patriots called MAGA embrace many political ideas, but they are united in wanting to save America from her enemies.

    That enemy has seized power in the institutions and is loath to give it up. First came the over-prosecution and excessive punishment of the patriots who came to the Capitol on J6 to protest a clearly skewed and irregular 2020 election. Some have committed suicide, others tortured, most bankrupted, but all had their lives ruined despite being decent citizens without prior crime. It is almost four years later and the arrests haven’t stopped.

    You would think two failed impeachments on trumped up charges and a proven phony Russiagate investigation would have taught the left a lesson in humility. Not so for the enemies of America. They launched an avalanche of indictments against Trump not in one, but in four different jurisdictions, under city, state and federal laws totaling an astonishing ninety-some felony counts with a potential for hundreds of years in jail. The fact these crimes were sketchy at best and manufactured at worst makes it bad. But that they were brought against a former US president who happens to be the front runner who is likely to be re-elected to the White House is unconscionable and near republic-ending.

    When the biased jury read their predictable guilty verdicts on all 34 felony counts, the corrupt judge had to hide his face in the courtroom so none could see the hideous Joker grin he was unable to suppress. When the guilty verdicts were announced in Manhattan, the TV talking heads cheered, calling it a wonderful day of majesty and a miracle of justice. The madmen in Hollywood howled with delight. The only miracle that day was that the sun didn’t go dark to mark the death of justice in America. You could certainly feel the wheels grind to a halt.

    Radical Islamists diametrically oppose Western values and the freedoms we cherish, and they demonize Americans and Israelis as great evils that must be killed. This is certainly not all Muslims, but bringing ANY anti-American radicals into our country is a recipe for disaster. And that is why the enemy within wave them right in.

    The radical Marxist left in our universities are indoctrinating students to hate the West. Our public education system teaches anti-West CRT, DEI and anti-racism and reframes American history as PRIMARILY being about slavery, white supremacy and colonialism. Promoting gender confusion to our children destabilizes the family structure that has been the backbone of Western civilization forever.

    If you like America and the ideals it represents would you bring the seeds of destruction into your country? Of course you would not. Only an enemy would do so. This gives us the lens with which to find and identify those individuals and groups who are waging war against America. They are right here among us. Historian Arnold Toynbee wrote that 19 of the 21 great civilizations he studied were destroyed from within.

    As bleak as the American landscape might currently look there is reason for hope. While these days you don’t hear many great orators waxing eloquently on the virtues of America, those virtues do exist. The French writer and historian Alexis de Tocqueville, after touring America, wrote about them. He saw that Americans came together to form voluntary associations which allowed them to pursue common interests and goals. He credited the freedom of speech, assembly, and the press for creating a vibrant and dynamic public sphere where citizens could debate and discuss public issues, and providing the means for citizens to participate in the political process, shape public policy and hold their government accountable. Although dimmer than at any time in our history, these freedoms do still exist. We must exercise them to the fullest to right the American ship.

    Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America” was written at a time when the United States was still a relatively young nation. He pondered the future of democracy and the potential challenges it faced. He believed that democracy was a fragile and imperfect system, and that it required constant vigilance and effort to maintain. He was right. The time for that vigilance and effort is well past due.

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    Diogenes of Tampa is an author and podcaster at The Truth Window where he addresses tough topics on any subject in any arena. No holds barred. No sacred cows. Just the truth. Learn more at: https://thetruthwindow.substack.com

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    Paul A

    We know they are compromised and ignorant people who have implanted themselves in government. This is not America and we know it. One day we are not going to put up with this crap and we will take our country from these bureaucratic clowns.

    Michael Satagaj

    Like the vast majority of our pundits, Diogenes, you come nowhere near the matter.
    You dance around, wring your hands over our plight and conclude that we ought to essentially just sing a conservative stanza of Kumbaya... come together and exercise our freedoms

    The culture is a decayed corpse, the Constitution is gutted, the system, irretrievable. And that domestic enemy? The same half or more of the population that screamed for their mommy over Covid.

    There is only one answer.

    Paul A

    I’m not going anywhere!


    be careful what you wish for.

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