• There Is A Problem With Progressive Liberal Views Regarding The Jewish State Of Israel

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    Mary Henderson's remarks [in the Greenwich Free Press] are the classic reason why there is a problem with progressive liberal views regarding the Jewish State of Israel. In Israel non-Jewish citizens, including Palestinians, elect representatives to Parliament. There is an old saying that if the Palestinians laid down their arms there would be peace, if the Jews laid down their arms they would be destroyed.

    Hamas is more than a terrorist organization: it is the elected governing body of the semiautonomous state of Gaza. It is Palestinians who are killing and beheading innocent infants, women, children and other noncombatants not Jews. Israelis would never behead infants. That is disgusting barbarism.

    On a per-capita basis, the deaths in Israel from this attack are equivalent to over 40,000 terrorist murders, or 2/3 of the population of Greenwich, in the US. This is a large scale massacre that deserves a massive military response. Unfortunately, the Palestinian organization Hamas uses their own people as human shields. Israel has no choice but to destroy them despite this despicable tactic.

    Israel does not sing “From the River to the Sea Palestine Must be Free”. That in plain language means kill all of the Jews in Israel. This is exactly what Hamas started to do and they must be stopped.

    Mary Henderson may be unaware of the history of what was once called Palestine. There was never such a country. For 400 years until the end of WWI, a large portion of the Middle East including what later became Palestine was just territory ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Jews always lived there.

    At the end of WWI the territories that were under the control of the Turks needed to be divided up into independent countries. This happened at a meeting under the League of Nations in San Remo, Italy. The borders of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and a division of the Palestinian territory were drawn. The Palestinian territory was divided into an Arab state and Jewish state, with the Arabs getting over 80% of the land with the border being the Jordan river.

    An Arabian peninsula tribe, the Hashemites, who helped the British, were defeated and driven out of their homeland by the Saudis. The British gave control of the land that belonged to the Palestinians to the Hashemites. Where was the Palestinian outrage?  The League of Nations gave the British a mandate for a fixed number of years to control Palestine until independent states could be created.

    Starting in the 1920’s, the Palestinians began rioting and killing Jews in Palestine. Nothing seems to have changed in over 100 years. The Palestinian leadership allied themselves with the Nazis and were hoping that the Nazis would defeat the British and the U.S. so that they could collaborate with them to kill the Jews in Palestine.

    In 1948 Palestinians left their homes so they would not get in the way of the invading armies aimed at destroying the newly formed Jewish State of Israel. They were betting on the Jews being killed. They lost their bet and became refugees. That was their choice. After the war of 1948, Jordan took control of the West Bank, instead of creating a Palestinian state. Once again no outrage.  Israel reclaimed it after their victory in the Six Day War. Based on San Remo this is disputed territory. The West Bank residents had their Jordanian citizenship revoked after that war. Had they remained Jordanian citizens many of them would have likely moved to another part of Jordan.

    Fifty years ago the Yom Kippur War was fought to drive the Jews out of Israel. That failed.  Now the terrorist war is being fought to do the same thing that has been tried for the last 100 years the murder of the Jewish population. Israel has a right to exist and to destroy and defeat its enemies.

    There is no equivalency between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Israel has never been focused on killing the Palestinians. Yet the Palestinians have been focused on killing the Jews of Israel. The families of suicide bombers who kill innocent Jews are given money for the action of their martyred suicide bomber. Rogue Jews who attack innocent Palestinians are charged and tried as criminals and not called martyrs.

    What has happened in Israel is nothing more than a massacre of innocent Jews by the elected government of the semiautonomous state of Gaza.  That is called an unprovoked war and the response needs to be the defeat and destruction of Hamas and their supporters.

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for U.S. Congress. You can learn more about his campaign here: https://goldsteinforcongress.com/

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    Enword G. Robbinsome

    Liberalism is a hate crime. Outlaw the Democrat Party


    The problem is there are no "Palestinians" if there was such a thing they would read up on their own history. These people just listen to propaganda put out for the feeble minded. I think your Ms. Henderson is of the feeble minded type of person that trends in the US to be Leftist, Liberal (in name only) and Democrat. Good luck Dr. Goldstein.

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    Mad Celt

    Tragically it can be traced back to the sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Issac.

    Amy Williams

    If the goal of Hamas is to eliminate Israel, then Israel must, indeed, eliminate Hamas. Perhaps, then the Palestinian people can have reasonable leadership, and a much better quality of life

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