• Title IX Tsunami

    Connecticut AG William Tong supports trans-agenda.
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    By Chris Healy

    On Aug. 1 the Biden Administration, through a new federal regulation, will completely reorder natural law and set our country down a ruinous path for young women. Unless action is taken to halt this new regulation under the provisions of Title IX, the ability of women to pursue their athletic dreams will be permanently extinguished to please the radical elements of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups. 

    There is simply no other way to spell it out. It is wrong, immoral, and an insult to people of faith and those who respect God’s order of life. It also defies science, empowering the federal government to say there are unlimited categories of gender, no difference genetically between men and women, and that it is more important to adopt a dystopian fantasy of the mind when it comes to personal identity.

    The new 1,500-page regulation guts the protections women enjoy under Title IX, a federal law that guarantees women equal access to scholastic sports opportunities at the secondary and college levels. Title IX is a landmark 1972 federal civil rights law to prohibit sex discrimination in schools that receive federal funding.  The rules have allowed millions of young women to obtain both the satisfaction of competition in their elective sports and to earn scholarships to pursue a college education.

    All of these gains will be obliterated by the new Biden Administration interpretation of Title IX, which equates gender identity with women’s rights - meaning a young male who thinks he is female or wishes to become a female through either drugs or surgery, is allowed to compete in any sport he chooses and would be protected by the federal government.

    There is no public support for such policies. Polls show that parents and women believe sports should be reserved for the respective genders. This regulation is merely the Biden administration bending to politics.

    Parents across the country of young women who have been denied their honors have filed lawsuits to challenge state laws where young men have been allowed to compete in women’s sporting activities and excel. In several instances in Connecticut, men posing as women have won state title honors in track events, denying young women their rights. There are obvious safety issues. Boys are faster and stronger genetically and there have been serious injuries inflicted against young women in several sports where boys are allowed to participate. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious life-altering incident that will bring more heartache and permanent consequences for a young woman.

    If this regulation becomes law, it will give every single public school in Connecticut the cover to permit young men to compete in women’s sports. Currently, the practice is allowed through the whim of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), a non-elected, private agency based in Cheshire responsible for organizing, scheduling, and adjudicating athletic events for primary and secondary school athletics teams. The change in Title IX will remove any ability to overrule CIAC through state action.

    What is even more frightening is that the Lamont administration and its state Department of Education is completely supportive of the transgender agenda for minors. Over the last several years, it has issued guidelines that discourage school districts from informing parents when their children exhibit gender dysphoria or present themselves at school identifying as a different gender.

    Thera are several other severe ramifications to young women’s sports teams.

    The opposition to shared bathrooms and locker rooms in schools will be silenced. A school district would have to allow transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room in line with their gender identity. Although state law is currently interpreted to require that by many school districts, only the federal government could now change the rule. 

    Suppression of free speech.  School districts could be held in violation of Title IX if students or staff raise concerns about the gender identity policies or express their personal beliefs against the gender identity ideology. A student raising her personal viewpoint, possibly motivated by family or religious beliefs, in a classroom discussion can be disciplined for sexual harassment. 

    Expansion of a school district’s control over a student’s speech. The regulation requires school districts not only punish students for speech in opposition to gender identity at school or at a school activity, but also for comments made anywhere outside the school. The new regulations do not support parental notification or approval when a school begins socially transitioning their child to another gender identity. It allows schools to transition students even against parental disapproval. 

    Require indoctrination of children by teaching them to affirm the gender identity secular religion/ideology. For the schools to adhere to the new Title IX regulations, they will have to teach all children, even in elementary school, that gender identity is a belief that all people must accept.  

    Parents, coaches, athletes, and those who see this absurd destructive policy for what it is have been waking up and organizing to oppose it. Lawsuits seeking justice for lost opportunities are working their way through the courts, and other legal remedies are being sought to delay the implementation of Title IX. So far, 10 states have successfully delayed the implementation of this new law. Not surprisingly, Connecticut is eagerly accepting this Constitutionally-questionable regulation. Based on his public statements, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong has endorsed the transgender agenda and is unlikely to entertain any legal action to halt Title IX. Democrat legislative leaders refused efforts during the last legislative session to allow bills to be raised that would have put the issue through a full public debate on whether sports should be reserved for gender of origin athletes. 

    It will take even more awareness and action to rebalance our society and provide fairness and true equity for young women who are merely asking to reach for their athletic dreams as God created them. Fortunately, there has been such an awakening and those who continue to pursue these destructive policies will have to answer for their lack of action to stop them.

    Riley Gaines is part of a group of women suing the NCAA to protect women's sports and to keep locker rooms safe.
    Photo Credit: Gillian Nadel Gaughan

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