• Tonight Danbury Zoning Commission Looks To Decrease Property Values By Permanently Putting Homeless, Mentally Ill In Local Hotels

    April 11, 2023

    Ready to be San Fransisco of the east?

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    The Danbury zoning commission is considering making changes that would allow homeless people, drug addicts, child molesters, and mentally insane people to be housed in Crown Plaza hotel, on land near Hotel Zero, Hilton Garden Inn, and in Super 8 Motel.

    This is what the topic of Today's April 11, 2023 Danbury City Hall meeting at 7:30pm in council chambers is about.

    This would put our children at risk, increase crime rates, and lower our property values.

    A company out of Stamford is using federal funds to push this effort.

    If you can attend this meeting and voice your opinion it would help defeat the effort.

    An organization out of Stamford, “Pacific House” is fighting to keep the Super 8 motel a permanent facility to house the homeless.  We are urging people to attend the zoning board meeting tonight and voice their concerns. They are using federal funds to buy up land in communities to build these facilities. This is likely where they are hosting all the illegal immigrants Biden is flying into Westchester.

    The proposed legislation is below:

    Information from a local activist is below as well on the issue:

    I wanted to make you aware of a matter that I am certain will be of great concern/interest to you which is on the attached agenda of the Zoning Commission for April 11.  

    While I know that you are obviously mobilized regarding the Clancy application before the E.I.C., this matter as reported in the NewsTimes article (link below) may not have attracted your attention because of the ever-so-brief reference to the ZONING CHANGE THAT WOULD BE MADE if the settlement is approved. 


    The ”settlement” of this lawsuit against the City of Danbury (link to the settlement is below) would result in an amendment to the Zoning Regulations.  THAT AMENDMENT WOULD ALLOW SUPPORTIVE HOUSING FACILITIES AS A SPECIAL EXCEPTION USE IN A COMMERCIAL DISTRICT . . .


    By way of example, the old Hilton/Crown Plaza hotel location is property where “supportive housing facilities” would be allowed –AS WELL AS the first piece of property along Ridgebury Road (13.1 acre parcel) leading into the right hand turn unto Reserve Road – AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE RESERVE.  In addition, there is a parcel adjacent to Hotel Zero and the truck stop.  These are all properties were this type of housing would be allowed – if this Settlement were to be approved. 

    It is my personal opinion that the initial application for this project was flawed in that it did not give NOTICE to other adjacent property owners where the Zone Change would have this impact.  But that application proceeded, was denied and thus the law suit and now – this proposed Settlement.  I wanted to make you aware AND ASK THAT YOU SEND THIS EMAIL – or any NOTICE YOU WANT - TO ALL ON YOUR EMAIL LIST – URGING HOMEOWNERS TO COME OUT AND SPEAK ON THIS MATTER.  We do not want you to be blind-sided by a Settlement that would have a tremendous impact without your knowledge.

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    WHO on the zoning commission owns stock in Super 8? I'll bet between covid lockdowns and the ever-increasing cost of gas, motels are on the knife-edge of bankruptcy...but when government assumes responsibility to rent all those unused rooms (at top-of-the-market rates) the bottom line turns black.


    The 'powers that be' intend on burying Danbury. Do town hall meetings accomplish anything ? Good luck to you American citizens up there. Buck Joe Fiden and his Lie-beral Demonocrat Cartel.

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