• Top 10 Reasons To Register As A Democrat In Greenwich

    February 23, 2024

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    If you are confused and keep switching your voter registration, perhaps it’s time to come out as a Democrat.  To help you out, here are the top 10 reasons you should register as a Democrat in Greenwich:

    10. You find yourself calling anyone who disagrees with you a “MAGA” “Extremist”

    9. You worked to promote the Democrat BET (Board of Estimate and Taxation)

    8. The Democrat Town Committee (DTC) and Voting Moms promoted your candidacy

    7. You ran on a slate with the extreme lefties (Indivisible/March On/World Economic Forum)

    6. You believe Hartford Bureaucrats always know what’s best

    5. You think “fiscally responsible” means borrowing and spending more and more

    4. You think taxes should always go up, up, up, “slow and steady”

    3. You own a $14.5 MM mansion and think taxpayers can afford whatever YOU want

    2. You think Yonkers is lovely and Greenwich should also be full of debt and high-rises (link)

    And the number one reason you should register as a Democrat:

    1. You vote more often with Democrats than with the Republican majority on the town's legislative body, the RTM, the BET or BOE

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    RINO Hunter

    Hahaha, this is great!

    Did you happen to check Quigley's Facebook post the other day where he says that the Greenwich Republicans should make an effort to take their party back to a place that would be welcomed by Democrats?

    Why didn't he just officially make the switch after working the last two elections with democrats to get democrats elected?

    He'd probably earn himself a nice "democrat of the month award" for his efforts to sabotage Greenwich republicans.


    Rino’s everywhere. What comment did he make this time?


    he said "If a group of Greenwich Republicans stand up and make an effort to take their party back to a more reasonable and productive place, it should be welcomed even by local Democrats."

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