• Toxic Metals Found In Baby Formula

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    GMO Science, which has been committed to shining a light on the effects of GMOs and their associated pesticides for over 10 years, released a shocking new study on the toxic metals found in baby formula.

    The baby formula toxic metal study was a joint collaboration by Zen HoneycuttStephanie Seneff, PhD, and Michelle Perro, MD

    Twenty different types of formula were tested twice for the study.

    All of the samples tested positive for concerning levels of aluminum and lead, and some also tested positive for arsenic, cadmium and mercury. The mercury levels in four samples exceeded the FDA limit for drinking water. The cadmium level in both samples for one brand were nearly twice the level found in drinking water. Five samples tested positive for all five metals.

    Dr. Renee Joy Dufault said, “there were no common ingredients to explain any of the elevated levels except for corn syrup solids and vegetable oils.”

    Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini said, “We have identified heavy metals and petroleum residues 6,600 times more dangerous in conventional food than in equivalent organic products in Europe due to pesticides.”

    Exposure to these metals, even in tiny amounts, can result in cumulative effects on infants and potentially lead to "developmental and neurological issues, carcinogenic, as well as the initiating the development of chronic diseases later in life," cautioned the report.

    The following table shows whether metals were found in either of the two samples for each brand tested:

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    Anthony Smith

    Chinese ingredients.


    Shame on the reporter or report for not revealing the infant food came from China.

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