• Trans Suspect Wanted In Connection With Murder In CT

    Screenshot, Jared Jones on Instagram

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    On Saturday, May 25th, a transgender suspect named Jared “Love" Jones was taken into custody after allegedly stabbing multiple teenage girls in Massachusetts.  

    He’s also wanted in connection with a murder that took place earlier that same day in Deep River, CT.

    He’s hardly the first trans suspect in a murder case these days.

    There was the Colorado Springs shooter who was non-binary… the Denver shooter who was trans… the shooter at Lakewood Church in TX who was trans… the Aberdeen shooter was trans… the Nashville shooter was trans…  the Philadelphia shooter was allegedly trans.  The Iowa High School shooter was “genderfluid”. "

    The trans movement is pushing more and more extremism each day," detransitioner Oli London told Newsweek. "They recruit people, indoctrinate them and pump them full of propaganda until they become filled with hate and rage.”

    Last year, Anthony Zenkus, a lecturer in social work at Columbia University, tried to downplay any potential relationship between transgenderism and shootings, saying it’s “just 1.3% of all shooters" who are trans.

    But according to the Williams Institute, about 0.5 percent of Americans over the age of 13 identify as transgender, including 300k teens over age 13 and 1.3M adults, which suggests there is reason to look a bit deeper into what might be going on here.

    When Benny Johnson pointed out that "the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists” he got attacked by trans activists and the mainstream media which exclaimed, “The data is clear:  There is no ‘clear epidemic’ of transgender mass shooters.”

    Yet here we are again.

    Is the trans movement radicalizing activists?

    And is it time to dig deeper into the WPATH files to get some better insight into what's really going on in the transgender medical industry?

    "Queers for a Free Palestine" protesting against transphobia, among other things; Screenshot, Instagram.

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